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April 4th Election

Mayor, three at-large City Council seats, and the City Council District 3 seat are up for election. Plus, a question to extend the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) sales and use tax. Learn more about what's on the ballot, how to vote, and more!

Ballot Drop-Off Locations

decorative screen shot of the returned ballot statistics map

New mapping tool tracks voter turnout

A new mapping tool on the City’s website tracks voter turnout during the 2023 General Municipal Election. Residents can look at turnout percentages by each council district, or by each voting precinct.  

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ConnectCOS transportation plan approved

ConnectCOS reflects more than 50 meetings with the public, elected officials, boards, and committees; more than 2,500 unique comments and survey responses; and more than two years of technical analysis and plan development.

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