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The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) Department is working to adopt a policy for the use of electrical assisted bicycles (“e-bikes”) across the park system. E-bikes and all other forms of motorized use* are prohibited on many regional park properties and open spaces. However, as the popularity of e-bikes continues to grow, PRCS receives more and more requests to allow e-bikes in more places.

PRCS would like to hear from you about the use of e-bikes in our community.

Not everyone agrees on where or even if e-bike use should be allowed so we’d like to hear from our residents. Starting June 14, you can participate in our survey on this page or through QR codes you will see when you’re out on trails, in parks and in other locations around the city. 

PRCS is requesting input from the community for two alternatives. 

Alternative 1

Allow class I e-bikes on all trails (including open space trails) AND allow both Class I and Class II e-bikes on urban trails. 

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Alternative 2

Allow class I and Class II e-bikes on urban trails only

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Take the survey

Survey opens June 14 at 8 a.m. and closes at 11:45 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 4

In addition to the survey, your respectful comments are welcome at All comments will be made part of the public record without redaction or revision. Survey results and emailed comment data will be presented to the TOPS Working Committee and Parks Advisory Board later this year.

What is an e-bike?

According to state statute and city code an electrical assisted bicycle is  “a vehicle having two or three wheels, fully operable pedals, and an electric motor not exceeding seven hundred fifty watts of power.” 

Three types of e-bikes

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*“Motorized use” includes use of any device, toy, or other means of transportation which uses a motor or engine for propulsion. This includes but is not limited to: e-bikes, powered scooters, one wheels, hoverboards, electric skateboards, remote control vehicles, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Vehicles and powered devices may be used by park staff or emergency personnel in the performance of their duties. Powered wheelchairs or Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPDMDs) used by those with a disability are permitted.

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