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To provide financial transparency, Open Budget helps the community understand how their tax dollars are collected and spent.

Annual Budgets

Explore the annual City budget and Budget in Brief from previous years. 

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City Strategic Plan

The strategic plan sets forth City priorities and commitments from 2020 to 2024. 

2023 City Budget

2023 City Budget


City Strategic Plan


Provide trusted leadership, inclusive community collaboration, and excellent city services to make Colorado Springs an exceptional city for all people to live, work and visit.


A city that matches our scenery, where the Olympic ideals of excellence, respect and friendship inspire our way of life.

Core Values


Leadership, Innovation, Passion, Professionalism


Integrity, Accountability & Transparency Community Engagement, Accessibility


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Teamwork

Budget Overviews

Resources and expenditures of all Funds within the City's Budget.

  • Overviews (Includes: Long Range Planning, Expenditure Overview, Revenue Overview, Level of Effort Overview, Economic Overview, All Funds Overview, Debt Overview, Grants Overview, Personnel Overview)

How the City budget works