Colorado Springs Utilities Audits

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21-24Dec. 2021Customer Technology Modernization Program
21-23Nov. 2021

City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities Liability Claims and Workers’ Compensation Reserve Funds Audit

21-22Nov. 2021Procurement System Implementation
21-21Nov. 2021Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
21-20Nov. 20212022 Rate Case
21-19Sept. 2021Annual Follow-up
21-17Aug. 2021Southern Delivery System Partner Billing 
21-16Aug. 2021 Qualifying Stormwater Expenses
21-12May 2021Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Conditions & I-8 Asset Protection
21-11Mar. 2021Utilities ECA effective 04-01-21
21-08Mar. 2021Monitor Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
21-07Mar. 2021Utilities GCA effective 03-11-21
21-04Feb. 2021Joint Dispatch Agreement Trading and Settlements
21-03Feb. 2021Billing Internal Controls
21-02Jan. 2021Utilities ECA and GCA


Jan. 2021Utilities Gas Process Improvements
20-31Nov. 2020CSU Mobile Device Administration
20-30Nov. 20202020 Annual Follow-up
20-29Nov. 2020Utilities ECA and GCA
20-27Oct. 2020Utilities Billing User Access
20-25Oct. 2020Utilities 2021 Rate Case
20-24Oct. 2020CSU 2021 Gas Forecast
20-23Sept. 2020Utilities Reliability Program
20-21June 2020Utilities ECA and GCA effective 08-01-20 
20-20June 2020Advanced Meter Infrastructure Program
20-19June 2020Personally Identifable Information
20-18June 2020City & CSU Qualifying Strmwater Expenses 2019
20-16May 2020Utilities Fourth Quarter Spend Analysis
20-15May 2020Southern Delivery System Partner Billing
20-13May 2020Monitoring Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Conditions & I-8 Asset Protection
20-12May 2020Utilities GCA
20-08May 2020Utilities Disbursements
20-10March 2020Utilities ECA effective 04-01-20
20-06March 2020Monitoring Colorado Springs Utilities Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
20-03February 2020Affordable Housing
20-02February 2020Utilities ECA and GCA
20-01January 2020Ethics Policies and Practices
19-23December 2019Utilities Third Party Vendor Data Risk
19-22October 2019Utilities ECA & GCA effective 11-01-19
19-21October 2019Utilities Phillip H. Tollefson Water Treatment Plant
19-20October 2019Annual Follow-up
19-18October 2019Utilities 2020 Rate Case
19-16September 2019Utilities Water and Wastewater Forecast and Electric Load Study
19-15September 2019City and CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses for 2018
19-14July 2019ECA and GCA
19-13July 2019Network and Network Devices
19-11May 2019Monitoring Utilities Board Instructions I-2 Financial Condition & I-8 Asset Protection
19-10April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
19-09April 2019

Colorado Springs Utilities Southern Delivery System Partner Billing

19-08April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Westside Avenue Action Plan
19-07April 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Payroll Audit
19-06March 2019Annual Report Utilities Board Instruction 4 Risk Management
19-02February 2019Colorado Springs Utilities Investments
19-01January 2019Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
18-34December 2018Southern Delivery System Partners
18-31Nov. 2018CSU Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Final
18-30Nov. 2018Fleet Mgmt & Maint Serv Procurement Final
18-28Nov. 2018CSU Monitoring Rev Bill Sys Modifications for City Res Stormwater
18-27Nov. 2018City & CSU Qualifying Stormwater Expenses 2017 Final
18-26Oct. 2018Electric Cost Adjustment and Gas Cost Adjustment
18-25Oct. 20182018 Annual Follow-up
18-24Oct. 20182019  Rate Case Final
18-23Oct. 2018Water & Wastewater Forecast Final 
18-22Oct. 20182C Impacts on Subsurface Infrastructure 
18-21July 2018Colorado Springs Utilities Electric Cost Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment, and Gas Capacity Charge
18-17May 2018IT Capacity Planning
18-14AprilElectric & Gas Cost Adjustment
18-11AprilProcurement Audit
18-10AprilECA and GCA Account Verification Review
18-9AprilAnnual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
18-8MarchDrake 5 Shutdown
18-7MarchReal Estate Record Retention
18-6MarchAnnual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 Enterprise Risk Management
18-5MarchBanning Lewis Ranch Annexation
18-3JanuaryGCA report
18-2JanuaryResidential Water Bills Review
17-33December 2017Nixon Emission Controls
17-32December 2017Streets Maintenance Operations and Coordination
17-31December 2017Fleet Savings Verification
17-30November 2017 Colorado Springs Utilities Southern Delivery System Monitoring
17-29November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Cybersecurity Audit
17-28November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Purchasing Card Audit
17-27November 2017Colorado Springs Utilities 2018 Rate Case Audit
17-26October 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
17-25October 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Verification of Qualifying Stormwater Expenses
17-21July 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Water Forecast
17-20July 2017Information Technology Change Management Audit
17-19July 2017Allowance for Funds During Construction
17-18July 2017Electric Cost Adjustment 
17-17 June 2017Colorado Springs Utilities Financial Forecast Model
17-16May 2017Energy Trading and Risk Management Application
17-15April 2017Electric Cost Adjustment
17-14April 2017Liability Claims and Workers' Compensation Reserve Funds
17-13April 2017Pole Attachments
17-12April 2017Capital Improvement Projects
17-11April 2017Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
17-08March 2017Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
17-07February 2017Electric Cost Adjustment
17-03January 2017Electric & Gas Cost Adjustment
17-02January 2017Nixon Emission Controls Audit
16-25October 2016Electric & Gas Cost Adjustment
16-24October 2016SCADA Change Management
16-22October 2016Payroll and Labor
16-21October 20162017 Rate Case Audit
16-20September 20162016 Annual Audit Follow-Up
16-17July 2016Electric and Gas Cost Adjustment
16-15July 2016Cell Phone and Other Wireless Devices
16-14July 2016Cash Disbursements
16-12June 2016Customer Care and Billing General Controls
16-11June 2016ETL 2016 Rate Filing
16-10May 2016Street Maintenance and Operations Coordination
16-07April 2016Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
16-04March 2016Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
16-03February 20162015 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report 
16-02January 2016Electric and Gas Cost Adjustment
16-01January 2016State Grants Management
15-39December 2015Drake Scrubber Audit
15-38December 2015Smart Grid Implementation
15-36December 2015Debt Management
15-35December 2015Accrued Revenue
15-34December 2015Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
15-30November 2015Utilization of Outside Legal Counsel
15-29November 20152016 Rate Case Audit
15-28October 2015Annual Audit Recommendations Follow Up
15-27October 2015Multiyear Water Rate Follow Up
15-25October 2015Metering Audit
15-24August 2015Comparison of Projected to Actual Revenue
15-23August 20152015 Fleet Audit
15-22July 2015Geographic Information System (GIS)
15-18May 2015Purchasing System Review
15-16May 2015Capital Projects Audit
15-15May 2015Financial and Human Resource Software Audit
15-11Apr-2015Annual External Report on Executive Limitations (4) Asset Protection and (7) Financial Conditions and Activities
15-10Mar-15Electric Cost Adjustment
15-09Mar-15Nixon SO2 Scrubber Procurement
15-06Mar-15Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
15-05Feb-15Interest Rate Hedging Program
15-03Feb-15Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
15-02Jan-15Gas Cost Adjustment
15-01Jan-15Wind Power Tariff
14-33Dec-14Cash Receipts Audit
14-31Nov-14SharePoint Audit
14-30Nov-14Electric Cost of Service Study
14-29Nov-14Drake Scrubber Audit
14-28Nov-14Annual Follow-up Audit
14-25Oct-14Gas Cost Adjustment
14-24Sep-14Nixon SO2 Scrubber Procurement
14-22Sep-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-20Aug-14Compensation Study Changes
14-18Jul-14Allocation and Load Study
14-17Jul-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-14Jun-14Unemployment Compliance Audit
14-12May-14Electric Cost Adjustment
14-11May-14Purchasing Card Audit
14-10May-14Annual External Report on Executive Limitation EL-4 Asset Protection and EL-7 Financial Conditions and Activities
14-09Apr-14Drake Scrubber Audit
14-08Mar-14Water Shortage Tariff Report
14-05Mar-14Annual External Report on Executive Limitation 11 - Enterprise Risk Management
14-04Feb-14Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Funds Audit
14-03Feb-142013 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
14-02Jan-14Gas and Electric Cost Adjustment
14-01Jan-14Credit and Collection Audit
13-25Dec-13Maximo Application Audit
13-24Dec-132013 Annual Follow-up Report
13-23Dec-13E-Commerce Review
13-22Nov-13Gas Cost Adjustment
13-21Nov-132014 Electric and Gas Rate Review
13-20Oct-13Community Solar Garden RFP Compliance Audit
13-17Oct-13Utilities Rate Competitiveness Audit
13-14Sep-13Utilities Billing Audit
13-13Aug-13Proposed Solar Garden Expansion Tariff Report
13-12Aug-13Natural Gas Hedging Program Audit Report
13-11Jun-132012 Southern Delivery System Monitoring Report
13-09Apr-13Annual External Report on EL-11
13-08Apr-13Proposed Solar Garden Expansion Tariff
13-07Apr-13Annual Report on  EL-4 and EL-7
13-06Apr-13Utilities Payroll Audit
13-04Mar-13Drought Response Tariff Report
13-03Feb-13Utilities Coal Purchase Review
13-02Feb-13Community Solar Garden Audit
13-01Feb-13Utilities Debt Management Audit
12-24Dec-12Data Center Audit Report
12-23Nov-12Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
12-21Nov-122013 Electric and Gas Rate Case Filing
12-19Oct-12Annual Follow-up Executive Summary
12-17Sep-12Claims Reserve and Workers' Compensation Fund
12-14Aug-122011 SDS Monitoring Report
12-13Jun-12Multi-Year Water Rate Case Report
12-12May-12Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments
12-11May-12Gas Transportation (G4T) Tariff Charges
12-09May-12Procurement Audit Report
12-07May-12Disbursements Audit Report
12-06May-12EL 4 and EL 7 Report
12-02Mar-12EL-11 Report
12-01Feb-12Gas Cost Adjustment Review
11-26Dec-11Annual Follow-Up Audit Report 
11-24Dec-11CSU P-Card Audit Report
11-23Dec-11CSU Rate Case Review 
11-22Nov-11SDS Project Monitoring Report



Review of Community Solar Garden Pilot Bill Credit Tariff



Electric Cost Adjustment Review



Executive Limitation 11



Electric Cost Adjustment



Annual External Report on Executive Limitation (EL) 4 and 7—Asset Protection and Financial Conditions and Activities



Chief Executive Officer Performance



Electric Cost Adjustment, Gas Cost Adjustment and Capacity Charge Adjustment Review



Executive Limitation 11



Cash Receipts Audit



2011 Rate Case Review



Annual Follow Up Report



Streetlight Fee Calculation



Gas Cost Adjustment



Executive Limitation 11



Gas Cost Adjustment



Multi-Year Rate Case



Claims Reserve & Workers' Compensation Funds 



Chief Executive Officer Performance



Executive Limitations 4 & 7



2009 Annual Follow Up Report



Gas Cost Adjustment



Executive Limitation 11