City Clerk Sarah Johnson Releases Preliminary City Council Redistricting Plan

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – In accordance with the City Charter and City Code, Colorado Springs City Clerk Sarah Johnson released a preliminary City Council Redistricting Plan for the six City Council Districts.

The City Clerk sets the Council District boundaries every four years (per City Charter) to ensure districts remain comparable in population as the city grows. The districts were last re-aligned in 2016 and the City Clerk is now reviewing the districts ahead of the April 6, 2021 General Municipal Election.

“City Council members represent the members of their District, so it’s important to make sure each Council member represents approximately the same number of residents,” said Sarah Johnson, City Clerk. “Redistricting is an essential adjustment to make sure we all have fair representation in making the rules for our city.”

City Council appointed a volunteer District Process Advisory Committee in April 2020. The Committee has been gathering citizen input via public meetings and surveys, and providing this feedback to the City Clerk.

More information about the plan, the process, and the volunteer Districting Process Advisory Committee is available at:

Important Redistricting Dates:

Aug. 18-21

Citizen Input meetings led by Districting Process Advisory Committee volunteer representatives

Sep. 21

Districting Process Advisory Committee presentation to City Council

Oct. 1

City Clerk releases preliminary redistricting plan

Oct. 21, 2 PM

Public Hearing to receive feedback on the preliminary plan


City Clerk releases final district map


District Process Advisory Committee submits final report to City Council

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