Three City questions are on the November ballot

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Colorado Springs City Council referred three questions to the November 3 Coordinated Election. 

  • 2A: TABOR Revenue Retention and Revenue & Spending Limitations
  • 2B: Parkland Conveyances By Election of the Voters
  • 2C: Parkland Conveyances By Super-Majority of City Council

Learn about these City questions, register to vote, look up your district and find other election-related information at

To learn more about the election, listen to City Clerk Sarah Johnson and County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman on the Elevating Pikes Peak Women Podcast. They discuss how voting works, what elections they handle, the security of our voting system, and why your vote matters.  Listen here:  VOTING Matters with City Clerk of Colorado Springs and County Clerk of El Paso

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