Capturing debris before it enters the stormwater system helps maintain a healthy stormwater system and helps prevent pollution from impacting our waterways.

The Colorado Springs Stormwater Enterprise has partnered with Frog Creek Partners to reduce the amount of trash entering our stormwater system and polluting our waterways through the use of innovative gutter bins to capture toxic pollution before it enters the stormwater system.

Because sediment, trash and debris are damaging to stormwater infrastructure, a great deal of time, effort, and capital is invested in monitoring and managing what enters our stormwater system.

The Clean Water Community Challenge allows businesses and organizations to leave a legacy of clean water with curbside branding.

Sponsor logo will be prominently displayed on the gutter bin to bring awareness to the need to keep pollution out of our storm drains and highlight local businesses for their support in this effort.

This public/private sponsorships benefits Colorado Springs by improved stormwater infrastructure and keeping pollutants out of water.


Benefits to the community

  • Helps environment and water quality with each capturing approximately 30 pounds of trash and debris every month.
  • Cost effective way to reduce pollution- cost savings can be allocated to other stormwater projects and programs
  • Builds awareness

Benefits to sponsors

  • Legacy donation provides years of curbside branding and filtration system with sponsor logo prominently displayed on the storm drain
  • Knowing you’re doing your part to keep waterways clean
  • Reduce the amount of trash near your real estate
  • Gutter Bins to be maintained by the City of Colorado Springs in partnership with Robertson's Landscaping

About the Gutter Bins

The patent pending Gutter Bin stormwater filtration system is a device that removes toxic pollution from stormwater resulting in cleaner rivers and oceans. The removable Mundus Bag® water filter fits within the Gutter Bin and acts like a coffee filter for storm drains.

  • Gutter bins and bag are easy to maintain.
  • Bags hold up to 125 pounds of debris
  • 10 Gutter Bins will capture about 2000 pounds of pollution per year.

The Gutter Bin & Mundus Bag remove:

  • Trash
  • Microplastics
  • Sediment
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Heavy metals
  • Tire treads
  • Cigarette butts

Take the Clean Water Challenge

For more information about how taking the Clean Water Community Challenge can reduce toxic pollutants near your business from entering our waterways email