The many benefits of trees

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Can you imagine a world without clean air to breath? Or no shade from the hot summer sun; no place to relax and cool off in the shade? Or landscapes, parks, and other terrain constantly damaged by erosion?

A world without the benefits of trees sure doesn’t sound like an attractive place to live. Here are five reasons why trees are so important to this beautiful community we call home. 

Air filtration

Trees provide oxygen while cleaning the air. Trees absorb pollutants while filtering particulates out of the air using their leaves and bark. In just one year, one acre of mature trees can provide enough oxygen for up to 18 people.

Natural cooling

Trees cool our homes, our streets, our businesses, our parks, and our city. The majestic shade of large trees provides a much-needed break from hot summer sun. They help to break up the effects of urban heat caused by rooftops, black top, and pavement. Trees also hold soil in place and slow runoff to prevent erosion on sloped terrain. Just look at how our burn scars eroded after the trees were damaged in recent fires.

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Trees save water and conserve energy. Trees that shade your lawn and landscaping reduce the amount of water it takes to keep them looking nice in the scorching summer sun. Xeric trees also take less water to thrive in the high elevation desert we call home. Planting the correct tree in the right location around your home can drastically cut cooling costs, helping you recover the cost of the tree.


Trees heal. Studies have shown that trees planted around schools help students with concentration and reduce mental fatigue. Hospital facilities with more trees help patients heal faster with less complications than facilities without trees. 

Property value

Trees increase our property values. We all like to see that our homes and properties have a well-appraised value, right? A beautifully designed landscape that is properly installed can increase property value by as much as 15%.  This is especially true if other homes in the neighborhood are also landscaped properly.

These are just five reasons why trees are so important to our community. These examples can get us all excited about the upcoming planting season, and our city’s goal of planting 18,071 trees by the end of this year. 

Remember, the best time to plant a tree was 150 years ago, the next best time is now!

This article was submitted by Heidrich’s Colorado Tree Farm Nursery, a marketing partner of the COS 150: Tree Challenge. Be sure to add your newly planted trees to the tree tracker so that they count toward the citywide goal of 18,071 new trees in celebration of our 150th anniversary, or sesquicentennial.

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