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Active Living Every Day Program

Get active with this step-by-step evidence-based behavior change program. Benefits include; more energy, brighter mental outlook, reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes. If you are already an active adult, or looking to incorporate physical activity into your daily life, this program designed to help you succeed! Over the course of 12 weeks, our certified instructors will introduce simple, easy and enjoyable ways to add activity into your life and in return you’ll have better health, a fitter body and a potentially longer life.

The Active Living Every Day Program is $24 for 12 classes, once a week at either Deerfield Hills, Meadows Park or Hillside Community Centers!

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The Deerfield Hills Community Center continues its tradition of offering a positive and safe environment for children of all ages. The wide array of program opportunities and community services, along with a dynamic center staff, make this a well-utilized neighborhood resource. Deerfield Hills offers a variety of summer activities. Check out the Sprayground to stay cool during the summer months.

Rent the Center

Deerfield Hills Community Center is available for rental. Please call  (719) 385-5996 for availability.

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