How to Report Fallen Branches or Trees

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Please Note: downed trees on private property are the responsibility of the owner. Contact home insurance or a private tree removal company. The City will NOT respond unless there is a threat to life safety/power line involved. 

Report a Tree Issue Online

The fastest and most effective way to report fallen trees or branches is online.

Report Online

Report a Tree Issue by Phone

  • City trees in City parks, open spaces, trails, sidewalks, streets or medians call City Forestry at (719) 385-5942.
  • Trees on power lines: If a tree is compromised or touching a power line- STAY AWAY from it and keep pets/children away, report  immediately to Colorado Springs Utilities at 448-4800.

Trees on private property

City Forestry is unable to remove trees or branches from trees on your private property. These are the responsibility of private property owners.  Click for a list of licensed tree services.

Dispose of downed tree limbs or other yard waste

You can drop off your own yard waste (leaves, tree clippings, old fence wood, etc.--NOT painted wood) at Rocky Top Resources, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays, FREE with a canned good donation for Care and Share. Rocky Top Resources is located at 1755 E. Las Vegas Street. For more information call 719-579-9103.