You can download and fill out helpful information with our printable After the Fire Resource Book.

  • Key info to take note of:
    • Date of the fire
    • Time of the fire
    • Location of the fire
    • Fire incident report number
    • Fire investigator
    • Insurance company
    • Insurance company phone number
    • Insurance policy number
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN) for cars, trucks and motorcycles destroyed

Where to Start

A fire will change your life in many ways. Knowing where to begin and who can help you is important. The Colorado Springs Fire Department hopes you find this information useful as you return to normal.

After experiencing a house fire, you could find yourself emotionally drained and feeling scared, and in some ways violated. Even if no lives are lost in the fire, the first time you see your home – parts of it possibly gutted and blackened with smoke, water damage all over the floors, and your belongings reduced to ashes – the emotional toll can be significant. Once the smoke clears, the fire trucks have gone, and the neighbors have gone back inside, the process of recovering from this tragedy will begin.