Fire Code Amendments and Administrative Rulings

The 2009 edition of the International Fire Code and local amendments were adopted by CSFD in 2011. Below you will find links to the local amendments to the fire code as well as Administrative Rulings or Interpretations of specific code sections. The currently adopted fire code and its amendments are available for review in the City Clerk’s Office, located at 30 South Nevada Avenue, Suite 101

2009 International Fire Code Amendments

Draft - 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code with Amendments

Fire Code Administrative Rulings

Ruling Name Ruling Number
Backflow Prevention Devices Licensing 2017-6
Acceptance Testing Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems 2017-5
Permits 2017-3
Cryogenic Inert Gas Systems 2017-2
Inert Gas and Carbon Dioxide Systems 2017-1
Fireworks Display Mortar Rack Reinforcement 2015-2
Delay in Reporting AC Power Failure 2015-1
Low Frequency Notification Appliances 2014-2
Aerosol Security Devices 2014-1
Storage of Portable LP-Gas Containers Awaiting Use or Resale 2011-2
In-Building Radio Amplification Systems 2010-4
Prescribed Burn Plan Requirements 2010-3
Storage on Shelving Against Walls in Sprinklered/Non-Sprinklered Buildings 2010-1
Medical Gas Systems for Veterinary Clinics 2009-2
Facility Closure Requirements and Fee Schedule for Annual Hazardous Materials Operational Permits 2009-1
Fire Department Access on Construction Sites 2008-1
Alarm Notification Devices in Elementary Classroom Restrooms 2007-7
Fire Alarm Control Equipment Replacement 2007-6

Sequence of Operations for Modular School Buildings

Fire Sprinkler Design for Shell Buildings 2007-4
Work at Risk Criteria for Fire Sprinklers 2007-2
Sprinkler Head for Cooling in Compressed Gas Storage Rooms 2007-1
Fire Hydrant and Water Supply Impairment Notification 2006-2
Locking Devices 93-8
Determination of Hillside Overlay Boundaries by Address 93-5
Safety Factor Reduction for Fire Sprinklers System Hydraulic Calculations 91-3