School Programs

School Programs

The Colorado Springs Fire Department offers a variety of fire and life safety education classes and trainings for both the students and school faculty.

For Students:


The Colorado Springs Fire Department’s SafetyFactor2 program is designed specifically the 2nd graders in our area schools! With “SAFE in Second Grade” we teach fire safety, the importance of wearing bike helmets, what students should know in an emergency situation and knowing how and when to activate 9-1-1. This is a FREE 50-60 minute presentation that:

  • Meets Colorado Academic Standards
  • 10-50 students per session
  • Multiple or back-to-back sessions are available


The Colorado Springs Fire Department’s FireFactor program was developed for our middle school students to educate them on the proper use of fire and the consequences of unsupervised, experimental or illegal use of fire. This FREE 50-minute high-tech, multimedia and interactive presentation covers the Colorado education standards in earth science, health and physical education including:

  • Fire in today’s media and its social acceptance
  • Fire safety and consequences for fire misuse
  • The crime of juvenile arson
  • Fire’s influence on populations and geography
  • Wildfires in Colorado

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