Airport Badging/Training Office

Badging/Training Office Hours


  • Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • (closed from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm)


The Colorado Springs Airport is required under Federal law to control access to secure areas of the airport by issuing Security Access Media (Identification Badges)

The Colorado Springs Airport Operations (Badging/Training) Office is responsible for:

  • Accepting and processing Security Access Media applications
  • Taking the required ID's
  • Processing fingerprint and background checks
  • Administering required training
  • Issuing and auditing access media
  • Maintaining Signatory Authority records and training
  • Administering the airfield Driver's Movement Training program

Questions concerning Company Signatory Authority should be directed to the COS Airport Operations Office at (719) 550-1900

Questions concerning:

  • Type of Access Media you are required to have
  • The Application process
  • Airfield Driver's Movement Training

should all be directed to your Company's Signature Authority

Appointment/Scheduling Information

The Colorado Springs Airport Badging office requires appointments for Fingerprinting, Renewals, New Security Access Media Issuance and Training.

-Please call 719-550-1936 to schedule your appointment after obtaining proper paperwork from your Signature Authority

-No appointments will be scheduled after 3 p.m. daily

-Walk-ins may be served on a first come, first served basis after appointments, but could be rescheduled due to availability

-Items to bring to your appointment

  • Completed Fingerprinting and/or  Badging Application form
  • Two forms of ID from the “Acceptable ID Documents List” 

Colorado Springs Airport Badging Documents

  • These forms are in Adobe Acrobat format and are editable from your PC
  • To download Adobe Acrobat:  "Get Adobe Reader®" here
  • Please fill out completely, print and sign where applicable

Work Activity and Badging Sponsorship Form


How to complete the Work Activity and Badging Sponsorship Form


Fingerprint/CHRC Application


Fingerprint/STA Transfer Authorization


List of acceptable Identification Documents


Badge Application - SIDA and Sterile Area


Badge Application - AOA and GA with Escort authorization


300 foot Gate Card Application


Field Shop/Fuel Access Application


Key Application - Non-Regulatory


Key Application - Regulatory