Public Works
Engineering Manager Mike Chaves, P.E.

Important Dates

Spring 2024 Construction starts
Fall 2025 Construction complete

The Galley Road Bridge was built in 1965 and replacement is needed because the bridge is too narrow for the existing 5 lane roadway design and it is also hydraulically inadequate. During drainage high water events the road has overtopped with reports of water flow of 3-4 feet over the road in recent years. 

The existing structure is a 5 celled concrete box culvert which offsets and reduces the traffic lane widths and only provides 4’ pedestrian access which does not match the current road design. The newly designed structure does not limit the road design for traffic or pedestrians and would meet drainage requirements with wider and deeper concrete box culverts.  Within this project CSU will be upgrading and relocating utilities which will allow water system design advantages to the City of Colorado Springs infrastructure in the Galley Road corridor. 

Proceeding the construction of the new bridge CSU utilities will start a phased water line replacement with traffic control and after completion the road is to be closed to access during the bridge replacement phase.