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The lateral police officer position is for experienced officers.  When you join as a lateral, there are many benefits you’ll see here at CSPD.

  • Starting rate is Police Officer 2nd Class Pay:  $42.10 per hour
  • PTO training is only 10 weeks, compared to the 15 required for police recruits
  • Seniority is compared to the other laterals in the class, and is higher than police recruits
  • Can start testing for specialized units as a Police Officer 1st Class (approximately one year after your hire date)

To qualify as a lateral:

  • You must be currently certified as a Level I Peace Officer in Colorado as defined by CRS Section 16-2.5-101, or similarly qualified as a Police Officer in another state or federal jurisdiction. Applicants that are serving or have served as military or security police in the Armed Forces do not meet this definition; therefore, they must apply as a Police Recruit.
  • You must have at least three years of paid full time police officer experience as a patrol officer within the last five years by the academy start date. The Department may waive the requirement to have served as a patrol officer in certain circumstances. Experienced officers that have served three years as a patrol officer but have subsequently been appointed or promoted to Detective or promoted to a supervisory position, could also satisfy the requirement.

See all qualifications on the job posting

Working for the Colorado Springs Police Department is Rewarding.  Click here for an overview of the Total Rewards the City offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does serving as a Corrections Officer count towards your lateral program?

Our requirements are that you must have at least three years of paid, full-time police officer experience as a patrol officer within the last five years. Corrections Officer experience does not apply to our lateral eligibility requirements.

I have already completed a Police Academy. Will I have to go through your Academy as well, or am I exempt?

If you are selected for a Police Recruit or Lateral position with CSPD, you will still have to attend and pass the CSPD Academy. We currently do not offer preference points for applicants who have completed an Academy with another agency.