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About the College Pass Program:

The College Pass Program gives college students an important transportation option with easy access to downtown Colorado Springs, local attractions, shopping and more. College students simply swipe their student I.D. card when they board the bus.

How the College Pass Program Works:

Colleges pay $5.00 per registered student, per semester to join the program.

Participating Schools:

Why Should I Ride the Bus?

  • Save money
  • Reduce pollution
  • Health
  • Texting on the go
  • Homework while you ride
  • Your car is in the shop
  • Not used to driving in the snow
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Need another 30 minutes of sleep
  • Good for the community

College Pass Program for Schools:

Contact MMT today to see how to get your school can get started with our College Pass Program. If you are a school administrator or representative, give us a call at 719-385-7439 or email  Elaine.Sheridan@ColoradoSprings.Gov.


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