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Municipal Court Referees are appointed by the Presiding Judge in an effort to resolve a variety of different issues in an informal environment rather than in the courtroom before a judge. While the standard burden of proof remains beyond a reasonable doubt, hearings generally occur without attorneys and the rules of evidence are not as rigidly enforced as they are in a normal court hearing. 

Limited Walk-In Services

Referees are authorized to resolve some issues on a walk-in basis, meaning you may be able to resolve your situation without paying the fine or appearing before a judge. In the interest of justice, with eligible issues, Referees have the authority to reduce or modify a fine when the circumstances are compelling.

Eligible Issues

Not all legal issues are eligible for Referee review, and the Referee has limited scope in others. The kinds of issues that are commonly eligible for review by a court Referee include parking tickets, proof of compulsory insurance and minor equipment violations. Vehicle post-tow hearings are not appealable. Rather, the Referee's action is limited to determining if the police officer had probable cause to have the vehicle towed.

Finding a Referee

Referees are located in Room 107 of the Municipal Court building. Their fax number is (719) 385-6437.
Normal business hours are Monday through Friday:

  • 9:00 AM to Noon
  • 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

You may email the Referee at