Attorney Remote Disposition Process

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  • The Colorado Springs City Attorney’s Office- Prosecution Division in conjunction with the Colorado Springs Municipal Court, have implemented multiple methods to handle qualifying TRAFFIC cases remotely with defense counsel.
    • Defense attorneys may elect to pursue a remote pretrial conference where a plea offer is agreed upon prior to the in-person entry of the plea.
    • Defense attorneys may elect to pursue an entirely remote disposition where a plea offer is agreed upon via email, and the plea is entered on the record without the appearance of either the defendant or defense counsel.
  • In order to pursue a remote process, DEFENSE COUNSEL must fill out the form below. Please note, represented defendants may not fill out this form on their own, it must be completed by defense counsel.
  • If Defense counsel has not entered their appearance then they must attach an entry of appearance to this request
  • For further information and instructions on the process for remote attorney dispositions please see the instruction document.
  • Discovery: The Discovery Process has NOT changed. In order to request discovery, defense counsel must follow standard procedures. The remote discovery request form can be accessed here.
  • Additional Information:
    • Please be aware that motions practice, extensive pretrial negotiation, or trials cannot be resolved remotely. In those instances, in person appearance is required.
    • Remote plea offers still require a $25.00 court cost assessment in addition to any fines and/or surcharges.
    • Submission of a Remote Disposition Request Form DOES NOT vacate, continue, or stay any previously scheduled court appearance. Defense Attorneys are responsible for managing required court appearances, and either properly requesting a continuance or appearing in person to handle the matter.

Communication on all Attorney Remote Disposition Requests MUST come solely from the attorney and/or their firm. Communication cannot come directly from the defendant, and prosecution staff will not respond in any way to any communication from represented clients.


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By Submitting this request, Defense Counsel hereby waives any further reading of advisement, represents that they are the attorney of record for Defendant, and agrees to proceed via email.