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The City Council is seeking volunteers to serve on its Districting Process Advisory Committee. The committee will oversee the public process of redistricting the City Council districts, as required by City Code Section 5.1.402. The committee will serve as an advisory body to educate the public, assist the City Clerk, and advise City Council on the districting process. City Council districts are reviewed every four years before district Council Members are elected.

The City Council seeks seven (7) volunteers who:

  • Reside in the city.
  • Reside in the council district they wish to represent.
  • Are registered to vote in the city.
  • May not be a person intending to run for one of Council District Seats in April 2025.
  • One volunteer from each of the six Council districts and one at-large volunteer.

To determine which Council district you reside in, please visit the City’s website: City Council District Map. To verify your registration status and address, contact the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, or visit Volunteers interested in being candidates for a District Councilmember seat at the April 1, 2025, election are not eligible to serve on this Advisory Committee to avoid the appearance of impropriety. City Code requires City Council, in selecting the committee members, to strive for gender, racial, ethnic, age, and geographic diversity.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Conduct public meetings, with the assistance of the City Clerk and City staff, to educate and solicit input for the City Clerk’s consideration in drafting the preliminary redistricting report.
  • Prepare the committee preliminary and final reports for the City Council and the City Clerk.
  • Hold public meetings in each of the council districts in June and early July 2024.

The preliminary advisory committee report will be prepared and presented to City Council in July 2024.

  • Present the final report and complete the process to City Council by the end of 2024.

Application Process 

Apply by Monday, April 15, 2024, at 5:00 p.m. Online submissions are accepted at Alternatively, email applications and resumes to Ayana Garcia at or mail them to City Council, Attention: Ayana Garcia, 107 N Nevada Suite #300, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. All applicants must reside within the City of Colorado Springs unless otherwise noted. Visit for more information.

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