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The City of Colorado Springs, Rolling Energy Resources (RER) and Drive Clean Colorado are inviting residents to participate in a project that could help inform the placement of future electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the City.

Colorado Springs EV drivers who enroll their plug-in electric car in the free MyCharge platform will receive a unique savings report on how much charging their EV costs and how much they saved compared to a gas vehicle. The first fifty drivers to enroll will receive a $100 visa gift card and the following fifty drivers to enroll will receive $50 visa gift card. Residents can sign up for MyCharge at

Owners and managers of multifamily properties are also being asked to fill out a brief online survey — less than 10 questions —  about the availability of EV charging equipment. The survey can be accessed at

Data from MyCharge and the survey will contribute to a US Department of Energy Small Business Innovation Research grant run by RER to better understand EV charging issues for underserved communities, especially those living in multifamily and rental housing. The initial grant will look to better understand equity issues surrounding EV charging in Colorado and how best to make EV more accessible to everyone in a community. 

“Residential renters face unique challenges when it comes to adopting EVs since the drivers do not typically have a home charging station,” said Rolling Energy Resources Project Manager Carl Kalin. “By signing up to receive a MyCharge report Colorado Springs residents can provide critical data that can help make the best possible EV charging network.”

The City of Colorado Springs is currently working on developing an EV Readiness Plan for the community and supported RER’s grant research in the community to not only assist in the implementation of the larger EV Readiness Plan, but also to support current sustainability efforts to reduce vehicle emissions.

“The City of Colorado Springs is excited to be a part of this project in order to better understand and serve rental properties throughout the City,” said Carlos Tamayo, innovation manager for the City. “To provide more EV charging infrastructure for these buildings is how citizens that rent their homes will be able to look at electric vehicles as a viable option for their transportation needs.”

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