Blue Moon Trail Run

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Greetings Blue Moon Trail Run participants and supporters,

At this time on this beautiful spring day I would normally be at the park marking the race course in anticipation of your arrival for this evening’s kickoff for the Blue Moon Trail Run series. But as you all know these are not normal times as a result of a worldwide event that fortunately doesn’t occur except possibly once over the course of numerous blue moons. But here we are, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and employing best public health practices to try to curtail the spread of the virus. In taking on this responsibility, each of us has had to make personal sacrifices over these past ten weeks, which have and will continue to alter the way that the world operates and of how we operate within the world. Terms foreign to us just a few months ago, such as contactless, social distancing and herd immunity, are now part of the everyday vernacular and employed into practice, all to contribute to the greater good.

One very small casualty in the grand scheme of things is that the race series is unable to be offered in its usual form. With a statewide order to limit gatherings to groups of ten or less and to wear masks or face coverings when in the presence of others, it is not possible to gather together this evening for a fitness, fellowship, food and fun. Nor do we believe that this will be possible next month, when we were scheduled to see you again on June 26 for the second installment in the series. We are optimistic, however, that we will be able to meet up with all of you during the final series date of Friday, July 24.

Though this, like most everything else, is conditional upon many factors, like seeing that curve flatten, and modifications may need to be made, such as the type of food that is offered and how many people are on the course at the same time, we will adapt as necessary and provide what we believe will be every bit as great an event this summer as a one-part 5K or 10K race.

Registration is now open for this event, which will provide a race T-shirt to the first 100 participants and a full refund should the race not be able to be offered. Please consider registering now and, in doing so, support your local businesses, non-profit organizations and the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. D

We look forward to seeing you soon and, like trail running itself, pushing forward no matter how rocky the path ahead.

Be happy and be well!

Brian Kates

Race Director
City of Colorado Springs Meadows Park Community Center


Race Information

All races start and end in Piñon Valley Park and go through Ute Valley Open Space​

All races start 6 PM Race Details

  • Individual Race: $30/person  |  Series Package: $75/person
  • Race Day Registration: $45/person
  • Registration for each race ends online Wednesday at 5 PM the week of the scheduled race.
  • For each race, bib pick-up is available race day at park starting at 4:30 PM.
  • Late sign-ups, bib pick-up & running gear discounts are avaiable at the Runners Roost, 121 N Tejon St. the Thursday and Friday till 2 PM prior to each race.
  • All short & progressive races include a post-race meal.

Register Online


Questions regarding registration, call (719) 385-5996

Questions regarding races, call (719) 385-7942           


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