Blodgett Peak Open Space

The preservation trail development of the Blodgett Peak Open Space was made possible through partnership and widespread community support:

  • Citizens of Colorado Springs
  • City of Colorado Springs TOPS Program
  • Great Outdoors Colorado
  • Private Donations
  • Trails & Open Space Coalition

The Blodgett Peak Open Space has 167 acres of open space, trails, and wildlife habitat. Once part of the Blodgett Ranch, the Blodgett Peak Open Space area is home to many animal species and vegetation species. Dominating this area are the ponderosa pine, Douglas fir and scrub oak. This land is also home to peregrine falcons. Once placed on the endangered species list, these birds fly freely throughout the Blodgett Open Space. Also unique to this area are the geological rock features. Throughout the open space there is a variety of rock sedimentation, including Manitou Limestone, Fountain Formation and Pierre Shale. The Rampart Range fault separates the sedimentary bedrock from the granite.

Where is Blodgett Peak Open Space located?
From Colorado Springs, take I-25 north to the Garden of the Gods Exit. Exit west. Heading west, turn right at Centennial Boulevard. Head north on Centennial. After passing Vindicator Road, Centennial Boulevard will turn into Woodmen Road. Continue on Woodmen Road, Blodgett Peak Open Space will be on the left-hand side of the road.

Master Plan(s)
Blodgett Peak Open Space Master Plan
Blodgett Peak Open Space Forest Health & Management Plan
1955 Aerial View of Blodgett Peak
1997 Blodgett Peak View