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Commercial photography and other forms of media in the City's public right-of-way and parks are permitted through the City's Office of Special Events. Please read the information below to determine if you need a permit.

When no permit is required

Recreational photography: informal photos taken for personal use and enjoyment. 

Professional photography: photographer is compensated for their work or charges for their services or final product. Photography may include, but is not limited to: landscape, still life, senior portraits, family portraits, team portraits, birthday or holiday portraits, prom photos, engagement, and wedding photos. This final product is not used to market a good or service; for example, a car commercial. 

Exception: Rock Ledge Ranch (see below)

When a permit is required

Commercial:  photos or videos that advertise or market a product, service, event or destination; real estate photography; non-editorial print or television media; or other commercial uses.

Drone photography: photos or videos taken for any purpose from a drone. Drone photography is ONLY permitted with expressed written consent (Drone guidelines are currently under review)

Rock Ledge Ranch: Use of the site for portrait or professional photography requires a permit. Visit RockLedgeRanch.Com for more information.

Apply for a Commercial Film/Photography Permit 

 A Commercial Film/Photography Permit is required for any commercial still or video photography in a City of Colorado Springs public right-of-way or City park.


Are You Requesting?Required PermitApplication Deadline
Exclusive use and/or closure of any City street, sidewalk, alley, park trail or open space?Commercial Film Permit14 days
Non-exclusive use of any City sidewalk or alleyway?Revocable Permit7 days
Use of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)/Drone Photography?

Commercial Film Permit

Expressed written consent required for drone use (DRONE POLICY CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW)

14 days
Use of Pikes Peak or the Pikes Peak Highway?



Use of private property?No permits required if the project has permission from the property owner, and there will be no signage, lighting, noise, high-risk activity or temporary structuresN/A