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We’re not sticking to our schedule lately since nothing is quite the way it used to be. But we want to start bringing you podcasts as often as possible right now with important information about COVID-19 and the response in Colorado Springs. What questions do you still have? Have you heard positive stories of community support worth sharing? Please email us at We will continue to keep you informed and hopefully, uplifted during this difficult time. 

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Please use parks responsibly

Reliable sources of information

Episode Transcripts

Ted: (00:00)
Well Jen, it's been a while since we've talked. Colorado Springs and things have changed

Jen: (00:43)
how covid-19 social distancing, quarantine, stay at home orders, homemade masks. Those are just some of the new phrases that have become comments since our last podcast

Ted: (00:53)
just a few weeks ago. Yeah, and but some things will never change and the strength of our community is one of them.

Jen: (00:59)
We want to provide you with information, but we know you're getting a lot of that these days, so we want to give you some positive news and ask you to share some with us. We know there's a lot of it in Colorado Springs.

Ted: (01:10)
Jen, let's start with the information. Instead of going on and on about numbers, we want to let people know

Jen: (01:16)
where to go for reliable info. That's right. We want to encourage folks to stick to the best sources of information locally. That means El Paso County health department, the city of cos, El Paso County, Colorado Springs, fire department, Colorado Springs police department. Our city parks department is a great resource, especially if you're going out and about on the trails. Um, mountain Metro transit, if you need bus service. Um, and you just want to be aware of the social media, you know, a lot of misinformation out there. Ted.

Ted: (01:47)
Yeah. Make sure wherever you're going, if you are looking on social media, um, that whatever the source, uh, of where that person got their information is hopefully, um, a source that, that Jen just listed for you. And of course we, we do want to apologize, but we think everybody understands the situations going on right now. Uh, Jen and I are recording from our, uh, our own homes, so away from each other remotely. And, um, and we're doing this, uh, over video conference with each other right now. So while the, the audio quality might, might be, uh, lacking more than our normal, very professional, uh, show that we do. Um, we hope that you guys stick with us through this situation as we're going to continue to do these podcasts. I know, um, we, we took off, I think one episode there as everybody with the city has been getting used to working remotely and, and kind of running around, uh, going crazy. But, um, uh, we really want to get back to where this is a great source of information as Jen was just talking about with some of those other sources of information, a great source where we can share, um, some of the good things going on, right, Jen? We don't, we don't really want to, uh, bog down the listeners now with, with, uh, what they're seeing in the news.

Jen: (03:02)
That's true. And there's so much positive out there. We really do want to encourage people. Um, I don't want to discourage you from following some of those positive things on social media. You know, support the Springs is a great initiative that the city is behind. Um, and there's so many others out there that are legitimate and wonderful and doing great things for our small businesses, our local community. Um, and we want to hear about more of 'em. Um, we would love to solicit your feedback. If you can email us at behindthesprings@coloradospringsdotgov send us an email and tell us what you're seeing, even if it's something just fun in your local neighborhood. We'd love to hear about it. We've heard about the birthday parades, we've heard about, um, I know in my neighborhood there, um, someone's dressing up as an Easter bunny and going around and cheering up kids and, um, yeah, there's been a lot of fun things and we'd love to keep hearing about them and sharing them here. Cause I think it's really important to keep the momentum going in terms of that positive attitude and, um, you know, not losing sight of the day when we will begin to recover.

Ted: (04:06)
Right. And, and when Jen and I first created this podcast and we probably talked about it on previous episodes, one of our big pushes as well was to be there in times where there's crisis going on in the community and be a great outlet for information. So while we definitely want to keep this lighthearted and share those great stories as Jen was bringing up, there are probably going to be more episodes coming up even more so than where we normally are doing. Uh, uh, the every other week coming out on Tuesdays we're going to be releasing episodes, um, regularly until we can get back into the studio. And that'll just be when there is information to share and, uh, and we have great people to come on and speak with us and talk about what they're doing in the community or if there are big announcements to be made and just giving you more information on some of those big announcements.

Ted: (04:59)
So all, we're going to try to keep it lighthearted. I think this is actually going to be a really great platform for people to get, um, kind of that breaking news, uh, information that's going on in our community as well. So really, instead of where I know all of our listeners were probably super depressed when they were going in and, and they opened up Spotify or Apple podcasts on, on Tuesdays and go, where is Jen and Tet, you know, I'm sick of not hearing Jen and Ted. Um, now I, I really urge people to make sure that you're subscribed to the show, make sure that you're checking back regularly on your podcast platforms to see if there is a new show out there. Um, because like I said, while we really want to share those, those really fun stories and, uh, I think Jen and I are going to jump into a little more about some of the fun stories that we've already been witnessing. Um, we do want to bring on some healthcare professionals, um, maybe even get the mayor back on as well. Uh, and,

Ted: (05:58)
and, and try to share information through this platform that I know a lot of people are utilizing.

Jen: (06:05)
We, yeah. In addition to folks, um, sending us positive story ideas and so forth. Please send us your questions as well. If there are questions that you feel like aren't getting answered or you'd like us to discuss it further with a guest or just amongst ourselves or find out some information for you, we're happy to do that. Um, a couple of things we wanted to talk about, um, on this first episode about, um, the virus is just a few things happening in our city. And one thing Ted we want to talk about is just parks and trails and open spaces. I know it's been a big concern had, I'm sure you've heard right. Some questions about,

Ted: (06:42)
and you know, the, that's been one portion of my sanity, uh, while having to stay inside this whole time.

Ted: (06:50)
Um, you know, during lunch breaks, that is the one positive of working from home. I'm able to go out and, and go for a run on some of the trails near, uh, near our house. But also I have at least witnessed, especially since parks have been putting up those social distancing signs, closed off some of the remodels. Um, people are doing a better job at practicing social distancing even when I'm on a trail. Um, you know, we're avoiding each other, uh, uh, by six feet, at least people are using masks while they're out there. So, uh, you know, anecdotally speaking, I've seen a lot of great things happening, but Jen, I know that you're, uh, one of your assignments is to help parks in the communication side of things. So what are some things that, um, that you would like to push from, from the park side?

Jen: (07:36)
I think you're mentioning a lot of them obviously keep the six feet a physical distance, um, where your mask, if you can, it's good to just have it around your neck and if, if you're on a trail where you don't see anybody, you know, keep it off and enjoy the fresh air. But, um, you know, if you come upon a large group and you're not sure, you can keep that distance and that's why it comes in handy. Um, and you know, one of our park Rangers, he, um, had a good point of don't feel like this is, um, the best time to maybe go visit red rock Canyon. If you, if you live in Glen Eagle, this might be, um, a really good time to make sure that, um, your front door is your Trailhead and really, um, walk right outside, find a neighborhood park maybe you haven't found before or just walk around the neighbor hood and meet some new neighbors from a safe distance.

Jen: (08:24)
So, um, ride your bike, that sort of thing. And he's hoping that a lot of folks, um, we'll, we'll try those things and he's seeing that. So that's really wonderful. But we just wanna um, try not to have too much overcrowding of our parks. I know that on the days that have been nice so far this month, that has been a little bit of a problem. So if you do see a crowded space to depart that space and find another place directory, and then, um, you know, the, the last reminder to, to folks is just that all of our city playgrounds and pavilions and gathering spaces are closed right now. So to respect that rule, um, while it's going on, and then as soon as it's lifted, we'll be sure and tell the public yeah.

Ted: (09:02)
Well, and there's some thank you's that we want to throw out too right now.

Ted: (09:05)
Jen, um, you know, obviously the healthcare professionals here, uh, uh, not only in Colorado Springs but across the country are out there on the front lines as well as our own first responders. And then of course, of course, you know, some of these critical stores at grocery stores that are staying open or convenience stores, um, those people are on the front lines as well. And, uh, and we really want to thank them for keeping our city and the nation at least moving along right now and making sure those critical, uh, places are open. And I think that kind of goes into some of those positive stories that we really want to share with people. Um, uh, not only maybe some of what some of the organizations are doing here, but great stories about, um, about some of these frontline workers that are out there and really facing the realities of this virus.

Jen: (09:56)
Yeah. They're risking their lives and they're doing so much for our community. So if you know someone special or you've heard a great story, um, in your circle that that would be worth sharing, we would love to do that. Um, and I think, uh, you know, another thing when it, when we're talking about our critical workers, um, our first responders are doing an amazing job as well. They've got extra protective equipment that they're wearing. So of course they're going a little look a little different sometimes if they're responding to calls. Um, but they do, they have another important message to share. And that is please don't call nine one one, unless it's an emergency right now. Um, if you see some violators of the stay at home order and you feel compelled that you need to report them, um, you can call the El Paso County health department, but they are really just encouraging folks.

Jen: (10:43)
You know, they really are hoping for that voluntary compliance that people will just do the right thing. We know that not everyone will, but we're hoping the majority of folks well. Um, and they do have some, um, uh, Colorado Springs police officers out patrolling and reminding folks to break up when they're in large groups. Um, and that's been going well so far. So we want to say thanks to obviously, uh, El Paso County sheriff, all our County and city and regional first responders who are doing such an amazing job. Um, and then, you know, there's also just the, the other essential workers that are keeping the city and County running. Um, you know, everything from city clerk's office, um, to, we still have, um, people being able to, to turn in, uh, documents to our planning department. Our public works and streets crews are out there working their tails off. They're still paving. Um, they're kicking off, uh, paving season just right around this. I am. Um, so they're going to be out there really busy and they're all putting themselves at risk when they're out and about. I know we have a lot of our city County staff working from home, but, um, we have a lot of folks still out there who need to get their jobs done to keep us going and they're doing so it's amazing.

Ted: (11:54)
Yeah. And again, you know, anecdotally speaking and just things that I've seen, uh, just down the block from me, there is some, some public works employees that were, um, working on some issue down there, but they were all wearing their masks. Um, uh, as you said, these critical, uh, employees that are needing to come in like public works are needing to somewhat be public facing are, are in and uh, and, and trying to abide by the social distancing, trying to abide by, uh, wearing a mask when they're out and doing their jobs. And for those other people kind of like us, we're, we're at home or trying to lead as best as we can as a city by staying at home and um, and getting worked on remotely. And you know, our it department has done a fantastic job making sure we're all still connected. And then, uh, even on my side of things, uh, I work for city council, we're, we're in and we've had to go into city hall and make sure that we can get a council meeting up and running here soon. So, um, so we're trying to keep as much normalcy as, as possible while also, uh, uh, being as safe as possible, not only for our elected officials, our staff and our public. Um, but

Jen: (13:10)
yeah, so plea, I think that they really, you know, we, we really want to tell people please continue to stay engaged, whether it's with city council or Colorado 19 is a great place on the County, has some great resources for you as well. If you need to do business in Colorado Springs or El Paso County, it's still really possible to do a lot of that business online. We have the go cos app. That's great. Um, we still want to hear from you. If you see a pothole, if you're driving to the grocery store and you see one, um, you know, uh, those things are still happening and there's still people that want to serve you to the best of their ability. And um, you know, I think in general we just, we'd love to hear from you. So behind the is our email and um, we just would appreciate it so much if you have things that you want to share or if you have things that you'd like to hear more about.

Ted: (14:00)
Yeah. Well, Jen, I think for this episode, we're gonna wrap it up here and unfortunately, I know our listeners are probably most frustrated that I don't have access to my soundboard. That's probably it.

Jen: (14:13)
Okay. Also, tad, I want, I do want to share my favorite, one of my favorite memes I've seen. I'm on social media and it says my three months free trial of 2020 is almost over and I would like to cancel it.

Ted: (14:26)
Yes. Yes. That's, that's pretty good. I was a little worried there at first when you said my favorite meme cause I was going to say this is a audible type of a of, you know, this isn't visual so thank God the, the, that it's still funny just reading it off there.

Jen: (14:42)
Funny. I know it's a very serious situation but we do want to bring you some laughter and positive vibes as well when we can.

Ted: (14:48)
Yeah. What's the, uh, last question cause I going to slip something and you know, we've got to keep this as, as normal as possible. What's the weirdest, craziest thing that happened, uh, since you've been working from home? Oh, the weirdest, craziest thing. I don't think it's been too wild. I mean my dog and my kids have made quite a few zoom meeting appearances, but that's good, right? Yeah, that's normal. I've had a, you know, we had a, a box come earlier and the doorbell rang and my dogs howling in the background. And then, uh, yesterday though we were trying to, uh, get this podcast done a little earlier and, uh, a water pipe broke out behind our townhomes here. So, uh, we couldn't really do any work because, uh, some workers needed to get into our crawl space and access our waterline. So, uh, it's been quite the, uh, some quite the adventure working from home. But my wife always works from home and she said basically welcome to that adventure yesterday. So people who've been doing this, but they have too much company now, they're like, go back to your office. Oh, I know. She's already been driven nuts by me being home. So, uh,

Ted: (15:53)
so hopefully this ends as soon as possible, but make sure everybody is eating those warnings from CDC and our state and local health departments, um, for behind the Springs. We're signing off for now, but we will be back, as I said, with extra episodes coming at you soon. So please subscribe, like, and rate behind the springs.


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