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School Resource Officer Unit Mission

The mission of the SRO Unit is to provide for and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment for all students attending the five school districts and CC in which the City of Colorado Springs has entered into agreements. The SRO/CRO accomplishes this mission by working in a cooperative, proactive, and problem-solving partnership with the appropriate staff within their schools and districts.

The SRO/CRO will always conduct themselves in a professional manner and will be courteous toward students, faculty, and other school personnel. Officers must consider themselves role models for students and an ambassador of the department to those associated with the schools and the public.

Core Values

  1. Focused on establishing a safe learning environment
  2. We are committed to building trusting relationships with school staff, students, and families
  3. We are committed to fairness/equity
  4. We are committed to restorative justice practices
  5. We will provide education to school staff, students, partners, and community members

Role of the SRO Unit

Provide a proactive approach against juvenile delinquency through communication with students and school personnel. 


Meet Your SRO

District 2 

District 11

District 12

Colorado Springs District 12 schools include all the Cheyenne Mountain Schools.

District 20

District 49

Colorado Springs District 49 schools include Vista Ridge High SchoolSand Creek High SchoolSkyview Middle School

Colorado College

There is one SRO assigned to Colorado College. This officer helps consult with campus security and provides resources to school administration.

SRO Supervisory Group

The CSPD School Resource Officer Supervisory team is made up of one lieutenant and three sergeants, each overseeing the various officers.