School Resource Officer Unit

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School Resource Officer Unit Mission

The mission of the SRO Unit is to provide for and maintain a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment for all students attending the five school districts and CC in which the City of Colorado Springs has entered into agreements. The SRO/CRO accomplishes this mission by working in a cooperative, proactive, and problem-solving partnership with the appropriate staff within their schools and districts.

The SRO/CRO will always conduct themselves in a professional manner and will be courteous toward students, faculty, and other school personnel. Officers must consider themselves role models for students and an ambassador of the department to those associated with the schools and the public.

Core Values

  1. Focused on establishing a safe learning environment
  2. We are committed to building trusting relationships with school staff, students, and families
  3. We are committed to fairness/equity
  4. We are committed to restorative justice practices
  5. We will provide education to school staff, students, partners, and community members

Role of the SRO Unit

Provide a proactive approach against juvenile delinquency through communication with students and school personnel. 

Community Collaboration

Establish a liaison with school principals, faculty, and students.

Work cooperatively with staff and security at the school.

Campus Related Investigations

Provide routine police services as requested by citizens on school property.

Differentiate between criminal activity and disciplinary issues; make appropriate referrals.

Investigate criminal activity occurring on the school campus and/or on school property or relating to students or school activities.

Physical Security

Maintain high visibility and interact with students to serve as a positive role model and avail themselves to students, parents, and staff.

Threat Assessment

Engage in appropriate intelligence-gathering activities in their assigned schools for the safety of the school, students, and community.

Teaching Classes & Emotional Support for Students

Teach prevention and law-related education curricula, as appropriate.

Counsel students in situations as needed or requested by school officials or parents.


Contact Your SRO

District 2 

Meet your SRO

Officer Charles Calloway

I have been with the Colorado Springs Police Department since February 2006.  I have been a member of the Public Order Response Team (PORT), Major Crash Unit, and Special Response Team (SRT).  I am a Police Training Officer and had trained several officers.  I have participated in the hiring of new candidates for the Colorado Springs Police Department and mentored new officers.

Before Law Enforcement I was a Combat Engineer with the United States Army.  I served from 1993 through 2000.  I started as a School Resource Officer at Palmer High School and am currently the SRO at Sierra High School.  I joined the SRO unit to help the community by making positive connections with the youth in the community through schools.  I want students at the schools to make positive decisions in their lives and achieve success.

In my off time, I enjoy doing construction projects and events with my family. 

Officer Calloway's schools

Harrison High School

Sierra High School

Officer Ryan Knapp

I grew up in an Army family so I grew up living around the world, however, I went to High School and College in Kentucky. After college, I joined the Army and served 4 years in the Military Police Corps. I am a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When I got out of the Army, I was a security contractor for the U.S. Government before getting hired by the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2011. I have worked patrol in every division and have also served three years as a detective in the Special Victims Section. I wanted to be a School Resource Officer because it’s a fun and rewarding position. I think it is a good mix of police work and community relations.

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family.

Officer Knapp's schools

Carmel Community School

Fox Meadow Middle School

Panorama Middle School

Mountain Vista Community School

District 11

Meet your SRO

Vern Thomson

I am the School Resource Officer for Coronado High School. I am also a native of Colorado Springs and have been with the Colorado Springs Police Department since 2003. I have been an SRO since 2013. During my years with Colorado Springs Police Department, I have served in several different capacities. I started my career working Gold Hill midnights, which was probably the best shift I ever worked. I spent several years working midnights and enjoyed the relationships I built with fellow officers. In 2007 I changed paths and was requested to work with the Community Impact Response Team. (Commit). This was another great group of officers I worked with, and the team had great success in reducing violent crime, gang activity, and narcotics within the city.

In 2013 I joined the School Resource Officer Program. The first four (4) years I was at Rampart High School. In 2016 I was able to switch to Coronado High School. It was exciting to switch to Coronado because I am a 1991 graduate of Coronado High School.  I enjoy working with young adults and helping them have a positive high school experience.

I enjoy spending time with my family, and I have a senior who attends Manitou Springs High School. I love traveling with my family and exploring different places. Our family has traveled to many destinations, and we enjoy cruising to most of them. I also enjoy spending time with friends, and you can find me on the golf course a lot of days during the summer.

Officer Thomson's schools

Coronado High School

Lawrence Archuleta (Doherty High School)

I have been a police officer for over 24 years.  I was an officer for the Las Cruces Police Department in Las Cruces NM and retired after 20 years of service. During that time I worked in patrol, taught at the Academy, taught DARE, was on the SWAT team and was an SRO. I was an SRO in Las Cruces for two years. I also worked undercover in narcotics for 2 years and had a narcotics detection K-9 for one year. I was a patrol Sgt., worked in community policing and finished my career in Las Cruces as a narcotics Sgt.

I moved to Colorado Springs to join the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2019. I worked in patrol in the Gold Hill, Falcon and Stetson Hills divisions. I became an SRO for CSPD in 2021.

I wanted to become an SRO because I enjoy being able to be the first police officer some of these students have ever had direct contact with. I think it is great to be able to form positive relationships with students especially when they come from backgrounds that don't necessarily like/trust police. I like to try to show students that police officers are regular people like everyone else and are ready to help anyone in need. I also like to show students that police officers are not just in the school to enforce the laws but to also create positive relationships so that kids can ask me for help/advice whenever they might need it.

Officer Archuleta's schools

Doherty High School

David Tapia 

Officer D. Tapia has been employed as a Colorado Springs Police Officer since 2014 and currently serves as the School Resource Officer for Mitchell High School. Officer Tapia became as SRO in 2017 at Harrison High School Officer Tapia has a combined 29 years of public service. Prior to his employment with Colorado Springs Police Department, Officer Tapia retired from the United States Air Force after 22 years of service. 

Officer Tapia's schools

Mitchell High School


Brad S. Krause 

I have been with CSPD since 2012 and started in the Stetson Hills Patrol division. I moved to Sand Creek Patrol division and then was hired as a Detective, first with the Crimes Against Children Unit and then the Robbery Unit for a total of 5 years.  I went back to Gold Hill Patrol division and the Sand Creek Patrol division before being selected to be the School Resource Officer at Palmer High School in February 2021.  I enjoy working with the Training Academy and Community related events when not working in the schools.   

In 1996 and after a very fun-filled College Freshman year in North Dakota, I joined the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Airman and was stationed at the United States Air Force Academy and retired in 2019 after 20+ years of service. 

I enjoy spending time with my wife and child, working on my house, most outdoor activities and I am really beginning to hate the snow and cold weather in my old age. 

Officer Krause's schools

Palmer High School

Roy J Wasson Academic Campus

Tesla Educational Opportunity Schools

Christina Mattox 

I have been in law enforcement for over nine years. I joined the Dallas Police Department September 2012 and left Dallas PD November 2018.  I joined the Colorado Springs Police Department the end of November 2018. I have spent most of my law enforcement career in patrol and worked in multiple divisions across Dallas. While employed with Dallas PD I was involved with their training academy to involve; being a Redman (teaching recruits how to go hands on with a non-compliant party to the handcuffing position) and scenarios (Mental health calls, Domestic disturbances, etc). I have also worked with the Property Detectives in both departments totaling one year.

I joined the SRO unit in August 2021 working with Jenkins and Russell Middle School in District 11. I wanted to be a part of this unit because I can still remember the day’s police officers would come to my school and it had such a huge impact on my life. My goal is to give kids positive interactions with law enforcement, showing them we are not there to throw them into the system but to help them succeed in life. If I can change their perception of law enforcement by showing that I care about them even when they mess up, then I know I’m doing my job right.  I have always had a passion to work with kids whether it be in law enforcement or coaching.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming (PS4), playing sports, travelling, and spending time with my family. 

Officer Matox's schools

Jenkins Middle School

Russel Middle School

Emily McBride

More information coming soon!

Officer McBride's Schools

West Middle School

Holmes Middle School

Bryant Watts

I have been with Colorado Springs Police Department since July 2017. I have been apart of the SRO unit since September 2020. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs and attended Colorado Springs School District 11 schools as a student. I graduated from University of Colorado-Colorado Springs with a Bachelor’s degree in History. I also hold certificates as a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM/ISSA) with several specializations.

Prior to becoming a Police Officer I worked several different jobs including coaching football and baseball at the high school level. Due to my past experiences becoming an SRO was natural. I enjoy working with the students as a role model and giving back to a District/community that I was once apart of as a student and coach.

Officer Watt's schools

North Middle School

Keegan Dull

I have been with CSPD since 2018. I started working patrol on the midnight shift at the Falcon and Gold Hill Substations. I have been working as an SRO since 2020, assigned at Mann Middle School and Galileo Middle School.

Prior to being a police officer, I received my degree in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. I used that degree to become a personal trainer, as I value health and wellness for everyone. I have worked in a children’s emergency room where I used Emergency Medical Technician training. My training in the children’s hospital made me want to bridge the gap with policing. I became an SRO to help bridge that gap, as well as give back to students who deserve a second chance. When I was 6, I was helped by a police officer who got me from a bad situation to a great situation, and I want to be able to do the same with the students I work with.

Some of my hobbies include hiking, camping, exercising, working on cars (my dream is to restore a 1970 Dodge Challenger), and spend time with my family and dog.

Officer Dull's schools

Galileo School of Math & Science

Mann Middle School

Benjamin Hamelin

I have been a police officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) for 7 years. I wanted to be become a police officer to give back to the community. I wanted to become and School Resource Officer (SRO) because I had a background in education and wanted to combine his experiences as a teacher and a police officer because I have a passion to help juveniles. I also want to be a role model and mentor to the youth. I enjoy playing video games, frisbee golf, watching sports, and hanging out with my family.

Officer Hamelin's schools

Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy

Sabin Middle School

Jennifer Daigneault (D11 Rover)

I began my law enforcement career with the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2015.   I was born and raised in Colorado and attended Fountain Fort Carson High School. I joined the SRO unit in 2018 as a City Rover and now serve as a Rover for Colorado Springs School District 11.

I graduated from Mesa State in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology for Physical Education. I taught my first year at a Charter School in Grand Junction, before I returned to Colorado Springs in 2008 and taught Physical Education at Harrison High School. In 2011, I began teaching Physical Education at Fountain Fort Carson High School. During my years of teaching, I also served as the head softball coach at both schools and coached basketball. I received my master’s degree for Leadership with a Principalship at University of Colorado Springs in 2015.

I have found the role of the School Resource Officer to be very rewarding. I strive to keep the students safe and educated. I enjoy interacting with students and staff in all schools that I have the honor to work with. I love mentoring students and building positive relationships between staff, students, and within our community.

My interests outside of work included fishing, hiking, camping, watching movies and hanging out with friends and family.

District 12

Meet your SRO
Officer Bill Walsh

I am a Colorado Springs native, and I began my law enforcement career with the Colorado Springs Police Department in January 2001.  I worked patrol in the Falcon and Gold Hill Divisions.  I have also served in the Major Crash Unit and assist with applicant PAT testing for new officer hires. In January 2005, I began working as the School Resource Officer at Cheyenne Mountain High School. 

I have found the role of the School Resource Officer to be one of the most rewarding and impactful jobs in the department.  I look forward to being a positive influence both with the students and the surrounding Cheyenne Mountain community. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling with my family and playing golf as often as possible. 

Officer Walsh's Schools

Cheyenne Moutain Schools 

District 20

Meet your SRO
Officer VuongVu Le

I am from Port Arthur, Texas, born and raised…on the playground is where I spend most of my days.  I enlisted in the U.S. Army right out of high school and served from 2000-2010.  I was deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom (Ramadi).  I was an overseas contractor in Bosnia.  I worked 4 years with the Colorado Department of Corrections.   

I have been with CSPD since 2016 and have worked in Stetson Hills and Falcon.  I have been with the SRO Unit since 2019  at Holmes and West Middle Schools, and am currently assigned to Discovery Canyon Campus.  I enjoy basketball and spending time with my family. 

Officer Le's Schools

Discovery Canyon Middle School

Eagleview Middle School

Officer Zachary Gallegos

I have been with the Colorado Springs Police Department since 2011. I have worked in the Falcon, Sand Creek, and Gold Hill Patrol Divisions. I became the Pine Creek SRO in 2017.

I had a positive relationship with my SRO in High School, which is part of the reason I decided to become a Police Officer. When I got into policing and realized the positive impact he had on me, I determined the SRO unit would be a good fit. I enjoy being able to be the first police officer some of these students have ever had direct contact with, and try and make it a positive experience for them, even during times they have made poor decisions.

I am fortunate that I get the opportunity to be a part of the Street Law class at Pine Creek and get to teach quite often, which I love. Coming from a family comprised of educators and law enforcement, being a school resource officer is right up my alley. In the classes I teach, we discuss search and seizure, conduct a three day crime scene activity exercise, and cover personal safety, among other topics. I truly believe there is no better job as a police officer.

Officer Gallegos's Schools

Pine Creek High School 

Challenger Middle School

Officer David Kester

I am Ofc. David Kester and I’ve been with the Colorado Springs Police Department since January of 2007. I am currently assigned as the Liberty High School, School Resource Officer. I’ve been with the SRO unit since 2019,  prior to that I have spent my time with the department in patrol. I have spent time in the Sand Creek division as well as the Stetson Hills division working as a patrol officer. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, where my father worked for the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for 20 years and my mother was a dispatcher there for 30 years, so I guess you could say being a police officer is in my blood. When my father retired from Metro in 1991, I moved to Utah where I graduated high school. After high school I decided to pursue my dream to play baseball and was able to play all through college and in 2001 had the opportunity to participate in Junior-College World Series. After college I was fortunate enough to play two years of Semi Pro baseball in Killarney, Manitoba, Canada.

After my baseball career came to an end, I packed my stuff up and moved to Colorado where, I had always wanted to live. Once I arrived in the Colorado Springs community I fell in love with the city and decided this was the place I wanted to raise a family. I hired on with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in 2004 as a security technician working in CJC before leaving the Sheriff’s Office as a detention specialist in 2006. I was offered the opportunity to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department in January of 2007 and have enjoyed my time with the department ever since. I am also an assistant baseball coach with the Falcon High School baseball team and thoroughly enjoy working with high school-age students. This is the main reason why I decided to join the school resource officer unit, to help pass on some of my knowledge and help kids understand that the decisions they make now could impact their future.

Officer Kester's Schools

Liberty High School

Timberview Middle School

Officer David Isue

I have been an officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department since 2012. My first assignment was as a patrol officer assigned to the Stetson Hills division. After gaining three years of patrol experience and serving as a police training officer. In 2016 I was selected as the school resource officer for Rampart high school and Mountain Ridge middle school. 

I was inspired by DARE officers as a young student which influenced my decision to be a school resource officer. When I enrolled at Kent State University in the fall of 1991, my focus was on a career in law enforcement. However, while a student, I researched Air Force ROTC and ultimately served as an active-duty Air Force officer upon graduation.

In my free time, I enjoy short road trips with my wife and son, hiking, shooting, gaming, and watching college football and Netflix original series.

Officer Isue's Schools

Rampart High School

Mountain Ridge Middle School

District 49

Meet your SRO
Officer Joe Langlais

I have been an officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department since 2008. I started as a patrol officer in the Sand Creek Division before being selected to serve on the IMPACT team. I applied and was selected to serve as the SRO at Vista Ridge HS in 2014 and have served in that capacity ever since.

Prior to joining the CSPD, I served as an Infantry Officer in the US Army. I have been assigned to Ft Knox, Ft Benning, and Ft Carson and deployed to Iraq two times. I have a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management.

I grew up all along the east coast and in my spare time I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and traveling. In 2018, I completed my dream trip, a trek to the Mt Everest base camp. I became an SRO because I enjoy working with teenagers and helping them to achieve their goals. Working with kids every day is rewarding and helps me feel like I am making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Officer Langlais's Schools

Vista Ridge High School

Officer Dean Baird

I’ve been a police officer since 2018. I was selected to be in the School Resource Officer Unit in 2020, and am assigned to Sand Creek high school. I became an SRO because I enjoy working with kids and being a part of the school community.

Before I was a police officer I was an enlisted infantryman soldier with the United States Army. I was Ranger qualified, an Expert Infantryman badge carrier, an air assault badge carrier, and a Drill Sergeant. I was stationed in Colorado, Hawaii, and New York. I deployed to South Korea and Afghanistan.

I graduated Cum Lahde with a Bachelorette degree in Science with an emphasis in Exercise Science, health promotion, and recreation. I also earned a minor in education from Colorado State University of Pueblo.  I was a college athlete and ran track and field for Adams State University.

Officer Baird's Schools

Sand Creek High School

Skyview Middle School

University Campus

Colorado College Campus



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