Victim Advocacy Unit

The ongoing mission of the Victim Advocacy Unit (VAU) is to minimize the impact of violent crimes for victims and assist in restoring their quality of life. The VAU is an integral part of the department’s investigative response to crimes covered by the Victim Rights Act. We are staffed by full-time advocates and highly trained volunteers.  Our services include:

  • Crisis counseling
  • Personal victim advocacy
  • Assist and support human trafficking victims
  • Victim Rights Act information
  • Crisis intervention and follow-up support for victims
  • Assistance with the application for victims' compensation benefits
  • Liaison with the District Attorney's Office Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Referrals to other community agencies and resources that assist victims
  • Court support through the criminal justice process (Court support must be requested by the victim.)

The VAU has bilingual Victim Advocates who can provide services to Spanish-speaking victims. We also work in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Development Center to provide advocacy to victims of Asian American and Pacific Islander decadency.

We can be contacted at 719-444-7777 or by email at

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