List of Open Solicitations

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Solicitations are provided on this page for information purposes only. All RFP’s and IFB’s that are required to be publicly posted are posted on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System. RFP’s and IFB’s provided on this page may or may not be up to date, and may or may not include required amendments or addenda. Failure of an Offeror to comply with provisions of an RFP, IFB, addendum/amendment due to anything provided, or not provided, on this page, will not be excused by the City of Colorado Springs. The RFP’s or IFB’s included on Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System and Bonfire Interactive Procurement Portal remain the authoritative and valid version for procurement purposes.

Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

R20-119MZ On-Call A&E Services – Landscape Architecture Services

R20-086MZ Green Infrastructure Manual

R20-T094MZ PPRTA Pipe Lining Projects

R20-095MZ Vehicle/Equipment Up-Fitting Services

R20-062MZ Rotation Tow

R20-063MZ CSPD Impound Tow

R20-89 NS Monument Valley Park Serpentine Wall & Geologic Column Stone Masonry Repair

R20-097MZ On-Call A&E Services – Bridge/Structural Engineering

R20-098MZ On-Call A&E Services – Civil Engineering

R20-099MZ On-Call A&E Services – Construction Management & Inspection

R20-100MZ On-Call A&E Services – Environmental Engineering

R20-101MZ On-Call A&E Services – Geotechnical Engineering

R20-102MZ On-Call A&E Services – Materials Testing

R20-103MZ On-Call A&E Services – Public Involvement

R20-104MZ On-Call A&E Services – Real Estate Services

R20-105MZ On-Call A&E Services – Stormwater Engineering

R20-106MZ On-Call A&E Services – Survey

R20-107MZ On-Call A&E Services – Traffic & Transportation Planning

R20-108MZ On-Call A&E Services – Subsurface Utility Engineering

R20-109MZ On-Call A&E Services – Geological Hazard Review

R20-088AM Airport Road over Spring Creek Sanitary Sewer Replacement

R20-T115AM Colorado Ave Bridge Rehab

R20-117NS Westside Community Center – Development and Operations Opportunity

  • RFI -R20-117NS

B20-123AM Red Rock Canyon Landfill Restoration Project

R20-122 NS Parking Access and revenue control system (PARCS) Purchase and instalation

R20-081NS Legal Publications

Q20-124MZ Impound Lot Expansion Fence

B20-127MZ CAB Room 101/108 Renovations

B20- 121 NS Palmer Park Wayfinding Improvements

R20-T132AM Platte Avenue Corridor Study

R20- 110NS Construction Management, Inspection, Materials testing and Public Information Services

R20-133 NS Colorado Springs Airport - IT Server Room Remodel Project

R20-135MZ Rock Ledge Ranch Roofing

R20- 128 NS General Assembly Lobbying Services