Airport Road over Spring Creek Bridge and Sanitary Sewer Replacement



Project Background

Airport Road is an east-west, principal arterial, that carries traffic over Spring Creek on a 47-year-old bridge that is deteriorating, is too narrow to accommodate sidewalks, and has less than half the capacity needed to pass the 100-year flood under the roadway. The Spring Creek Bridge is located approximately 730 feet west of Academy Boulevard adjacent to Fire Station 8 and just north of the Valley Hi Golf Course. The creek drains a densely developed watershed that produces high flow rates from summer storms on a relatively frequent basis. The creek flow has overtopped the roadway on several occasions and as recently as last summer. Flood flow crossing the roadway is a hazard to motorists and pedestrians and could affect response times of the Fire department during times when they are most needed.

The existing 1964 bridge does not accommodate pedestrian traffic and is located in a community that is dependent on pedestrian accessibility. This situation results in pedestrians sometimes walking in the traffic lanes of this busy roadway which is very hazardous. Several large underground utility lines run under the bridge at shallow depths below it and will require relocation with its replacement.

Project Overview

  • Bridge/Culvert Project: The City of Colorado Springs has initiated a project to rebuild the Spring Creek Bridge, increasing its length to accommodate sidewalks and deepen the channel below to enable flood flows to pass below the roadway. New sidewalks will be constructed across the bridge on both sides of Airport Road. The north sidewalk will connect to the existing sidewalk adjacent to the bridge. A future project will extend the southern sidewalk to connect to the existing sidewalk that now ends about a block west of the bridge.

NOTE:  The bridge reconstruction aspect of the project originally planned to start in Spring 2021 will now start in Fall 2021 with completion in Spring 2022, after the summer months to avoid the risk of Spring Creek channel flooding and washout typically associated with summer monsoon rains.

Temporary improvements at Airport Road and Marjorie Lane will be installed to enable normal traffic operations throughout the summer months prior to the bridge work starting.

  • Utilities Work: Replacement of the bridge over Spring Creek requires relocation of water, sewer and gas lines that cross under it. About 2,500 feet of the existing sanitary sewer line is being replaced with a larger pipe to accommodate current needs and future growth in the city. Prior to the start of the bridge replacement work, Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) has been installing this 42” sanitary sewer line starting within Valley Hi Golf Course, progressing northeast along the western edge of the course up to the Spring Creek Bridge area. Construction of the remaining sanitary sewer progressing east within Airport Road to about Lakewood Circle is expected to be completed this spring. CSU will also relocate 20” and 4” gas lines to just north of the bridge prior to the bridge replacement project. Waterlines will be relocated under the bridge during the bridge reconstruction.

Project Benefits

  • Increased Spring Creek flood flow capacity below Airport Road and improved public safety related to reduced flood risk
  • Significantly improved pedestrian access and safety with sidewalks on both sides of the bridge
  • Greater sanitary sewer capacity to improve the existing system and accommodate future growth
  • Maintains existing vehicle operation over the bridge on Airport Road
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Contributes to creating a more economically vibrant and walkable community
  • Improved neighborhood appearance


The Airport Road over Spring Creek Bridge replacement is a voter-approved, Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) II, A-listed project. The required major utility relocations work is jointly funded by PPRTA II and Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). The upsized sanitary sewer is funded by CSU.


City of Colorado Springs:

Clyde Pikkaraine, City Project Manager
Ph:  719-385-5464

Consultant Team:

Vance Fossinger, Project Design & Engineering – Wilson & Co.
Ph: 719-302-6742

Lisa Bachman, Public/Stakeholder Engagement – Bachman pr
Ph: 719-488-5908

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