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The survey is now closed. A proposed ordinance for front-yard carports will go before the Colorado Springs Formal Planning Commission meeting June 17, 2021 and is scheduled to go before City Council work session July 12, 2021 and for First Reading July 27, 2021

Ordinance designed to help residents protect vehicles from damaging weather

City Council will consider an ordinance this summer that, if approved, would allow carports in the front yard setback in all single-family and most multi-family zoned areas.

Although front-yard carports are not allowed in Colorado Springs, City Council passed a moratorium in January to delay enforcement of carport regulations for six months. This was in response to residents voicing the need to protect their vehicles from damaging weather when they could not be stored in a garage or other covered parking.

This ordinance defines a carport as: “a permanent structure consisting of a roof and supported on posts with three or four open sides used as a minimal shelter for an automobile.  It may be freestanding or attached to another structure on one side.”

As written, the proposed ordinance would apply to zones A, R, R1-600, R1-900, R2, R4, and single-family PUD zone districts. For more information on these zones and the how your property is zoned visit Homeowners associations may elect to supersede the ordinance to prohibit front yard carports.