Rustic Hills Neighborhood Improvements

In Progress

The Rustic Hills neighborhood is one of the few remaining neighborhoods in Colorado Springs with primarily dirt roads.

Dirt roads are prone to erosion and wash boarding (when erosion makes roads appear “rippled”). To provide a more resilient surface and assist with ongoing drainage issues, the City has started a phased approach to pave the existing dirt roads in the neighborhood. 

Initial improvements were completed in the neighborhood in 2017. This phase included construction of a full-spectrum pond, installation of stormwater conveyances and a water quality vault, and paving of portions of Brady Road, Payton Circle, and Lazy R Lane.

The next portion the improvements will occur in three phases. The improvements include an upgrade of the existing gas line (performed by Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU)), upgrading the existing waterline (CSU), installation of stormwater conveyances, and paving the remaining roadways. 

Drainage Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you paving the roads; they have worked fine for years? 

Dirt roads create significant maintenance costs for the City (e.g. they need to be regraded at several times a year), and the initial cost of paving supersedes the long term maintenance costs.

Will there be a 10-foot path along the road? 

The City will provide the 10-foot path where feasible.

How will the City address the drainage issues by my lot? 

The City currently has a list of areas where we will endeavor to address drainage issues. The roadway will generally slope toward the improved drainage ditches.

Estimated Construction Cost

This project is funded by Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) maintenance funds.

  1. Phase 1 – $3.1 million
  2. Phase 2 – $1.3 million
  3. Phase 3 - $2.1 million

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