First five years of 2C paving program comes to a close

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – As the fifth and final season of 2C paving comes to a close, 1,074 total lane miles have been repaved citywide in Colorado Springs. Crews anticipate completing the final 2C-identified streets – Platte Avenue and Westmeadow Drive – by Saturday, Nov. 21, weather dependent. This work was made possible by the temporary five-year 2C ballot measure passed by voters in 2015 that imposed a 0.62 percent sales tax dedicated exclusively to roadway repairs.  

The 2C effort will continue for another five years at a lower sales tax rate (0.57 percent, or 5.7 cents on a $10 purchase), starting Jan. 1, 2021. The sales tax has, on average, collected more than $50 million annually and is expected to continue collecting that amount despite the lower rate. The program’s extension was approved by voters in 2019. Necessary pre-overlay work – such as fixing concrete sidewalks, curbs, gutters and pedestrian ramps – has already begun on roads scheduled to be repaved in 2021, the first year of 2C’s second five-year term. 

“Nothing more clearly defines the renaissance of our city than the significant roadway improvements made possible by ballot measure 2C,” said Mayor John Suthers. “While there is still work to be done, funding from this critical local ballot measure has delivered more than the 1,000 lane miles we promised voters when we took this measure to the ballot in 2015. 2C has made a major difference in the trajectory of our critical infrastructure.  I am proud of the efficiency of this effort and thank our citizens for their support.”

2C paving occurs in tandem with continued Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA) projects that provide routine preventive maintenance to help roads achieve their full life span. 

2020 2C paving

The following are paving and concrete milestones funded by 2C specifically in 2020. 

  • Repaved 221 lane miles 
  • Replaced 188,887 linear feet of curb and gutter 
  • Replaced 346,112 square feet of sidewalk 
  • Installed 194 new pedestrian ramps 
  • Retrofitted 919 existing pedestrian ramps 

2C paving from 2016-2020

The following are cumulative paving and concrete numbers funded by 2C from 2016-2020:

  • Repaved 1,074 lane miles, the approximate driving distance from Colorado Springs to Chicago
  • Replaced 874,131 linear feet of curb and gutter, or 165.5 miles, the approximate driving distance on I-25 from Colorado Springs to the Wyoming border
  • Replaced 1,709,693 square feet of sidewalk, the same area as 363 basketball courts 
  • Installed 880 new pedestrian ramps 
  • Retrofitted 4,586 existing pedestrian ramps 

It is expected that additional lane miles will be added to the 1,074 total lane miles from the first five years of 2C in order to exhaust all remaining funds. Locations for this work, to be completed in 2021, are yet to be determined and will depend on sales tax revenue received at the end of 2020.

Public Works estimates 185 lane miles will be repaved in 2021 as part of the second five-year initiative, and the final list will be released in the coming months. Among the roads slated for 2021 are Interquest Parkway, North Gate Boulevard, Old Farm Circle, Peterson Road, Stetson Hills Boulevard and Weber Street.

With nearly 6,000 lane miles in city limits, the first five years of 2C targeted main roads considered “arterials” and “collectors.”  The next five years aims to finish the arterials and collectors while also tackling more residential roadways. The order in which roads are paved is dictated by an extensive coordination effort that syncs paving with other roadway projects.

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