City completes replacement of S. Cascade Avenue Bridge

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.— The City is pleased to announce completion of the bridge replacement on S. Cascade Avenue over Cheyenne Run Creek, which is the final in a series of transportation improvement projects that began in 2019 in the South Nevada Urban Renewal and Ivywild areas. 

The South Cascade Avenue Bridge over Cheyenne Creek, built in 1925, had become functionally obsolete and was replaced with a similar concrete arch structure, wide enough to accommodate the current functional needs and provide a crossing of Cheyenne Creek for the next 100 years. Additional parking, drainage improvements and new sidewalks were added as part of the project.

South Cascade Avenue between West Brookside Street to the newly constructed South Tejon roundabout is now fully open to traffic. As part of the project, the area of South Cascade Avenue from Navajo Street to the roundabout reopened as a one-way, permanent southbound-only configuration of the road.

“This project not only replaced a functionally obsolete bridge to provide more capacity, it added pedestrian improvements and additional parking to provide better access through the Ivywild neighborhood,” said Todd Frisbie, traffic engineering division manager for the City of Colorado Springs. “In combination with other recently completed transportation improvements, the South Nevada Urban Renewal and Ivywild area is now seeing much improved traffic flow in and around the area.”

Other S. Nevada / Ivywild Transportation Improvement completed projects

South Nevada Media / Traffic Signal

Completed: August 2019

This project rebuilt the center median on Nevada Avenue between Navajo Street and Ramona Avenue creating left-turn lanes to Navajo Street and the shopping center on the west side of Nevada. In addition to the median work, a traffic signal was installed between Navajo Street and Ramona Avenue.

South Tejon Roundabout Project

Completed:  April 2020

The intersection at South Tejon Street, Cascade Avenue, Ramona Avenue, and Cheyenne Boulevard was converted from a five-traffic signal approach to a modern roundabout. The roundabout improves safety, capacity and traffic flow while reducing long-term maintenance costs. The roundabout enhances­­ the sense of community compliant with the Ivywild Neighborhood Master PlanA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property. and the historic character of the neighborhood.

2C Overlay Projects

Completed: December 2020

The paving/asphalt overlay work has been completed on South Tejon Street (from South Cascade Avenue to Motor Way) and South Cascade Avenue (from Cheyenne Boulevard at the new roundabout to West Brookside Street).

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