Published on May 31, 2022

Garden of the Gods Park entrance sign to be removed this week as roundabout nears completion

The first phase of construction on the 30th Street corridor project, including a new roundabout at Gateway Road and 30th Street, is nearly complete. Asphalt paving on 30th Street will take place in June, followed by landscaping in the center median. Also, the main entrance sign for Garden of the Gods Park will be removed this week.

A new sign of similar size, shape, texture and color will be installed at a new location along the Foothills Trail north of Gateway Road. The new location will allow a safer access point for those taking photos of the sign. The existing sign, set in its current location in 1994, is made of three large sandstone slabs. Moving the existing sign to the new location was considered, however, an inspection revealed weathering, cracking and damage to the existing sandstone. A cost and risk analysis determined the sign should be replaced. The new sign will be made of sandstone from the same quarry as the original stones. The quarry is located in Lyons, Colorado.

The second phase of construction will start likely in mid-June when paving completes on and north of the roundabout. The second phase includes work on 30th Street between Gateway Road and Fontanero Street. It will require visitors to access the park and Visitor & Nature Center from the north.

Project Information:

The 30th Street corridor project addresses a lack of roadway shoulders and drainage facilities; aging street pavement with adjacent hillside erosion and slope destabilization; a lack of multi-use roadway facilities; safety and mobility at corridor intersections; and access for emergency vehicles and evacuation. Upon completion, anticipated in mid-2023 (weather dependent), safety and mobility will be greatly improved for the traveling public, bicyclists and pedestrians.

The design was funded by City Public Works capital funds. Surface Transportation Metro Funds are funding construction in the amount of $14.5 million, with the City also contributing $3.5 million to construction. For additional information, visit The public can also call 719-315-3102 or email with questions. 


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