Scoop the Poop!

Scoop The Poop PSA


Pet waste is a huge problem in our city. Not only is it unlawful to leave your pet’s waste in our city parks, the poop is a nuisance and can carry viruses and bacteria that are harmful to humans and animals. In addition to the risk of diseases, the organic matter and nutrients in pet waste make the water in our creeks and streams dirty. 

Scooping the Poop is easy!

  • At home: get a pooper scooper and bin just for pet waste and empty only into your trash
  • At the park: use provided trash bins and plastic bags or take your own bags so you can pick up and dispose of your pet's waste
  • On trails: "pack it out" means pet waste too!

Did you know?

  • Pet waste doesn't make a good fertilizer. That's because it's very acidic due to our pet’s high protein diets.
  • Some diseases can be transmitted from pet waste to humans through contact with the soil. Children playing outside and adults who garden are most at risk.
  • You should never add pet waste to a compost pile. The pile will not get hot enough to kill the disease causing organisms. 

Here's more information from the Environmental Protection Agency.