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Not all open RFP’s and IFB’s are listed yet.

Open RFPs and IFBs

1145 Transit Dr. Electric Meter Retrofit

  1. Q23-054 DS RFQ

Bus Stop Maintenance

  1. R23-T047PB RFP

Colorado Springs Airport Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Concession

  1. R23-046MZ RFP

Fire Department Complex (FDC) Remodel

  1. R23-044SL RFP

Cottonwood Creek Park Detention Pond

  1. B23-042SL IFB

Palmer Park Equestrian Operations Opportunity

  1. R23-041JD RFI

Portable Restrooms

  1. R23-013AM RFP

Springs Ranch Native Grass Mowing

  1. R23-043SL RFP

Replace Roofing at Patty Jewett Clubhouse

  1. B23-039SL IFB

Fire Station #25 Remodel CMGC

  1. R23-037MZ RFP

On-Call Bus Lift Maintenance

  1. R23-030 DS
    1. Attachment A - Price Sheet

Preventative Maintenance Services City Cranes & Hoists

  1. R23-038MZ RFP

Antler's Park Dog Park Construction, Fencing and Turf

  1. R23-032CA RFP

CSPD Uniforms Provisioning

  1. R23-036AM RFP
  2. Uniform Price List

CSPD Training Academy Needs Assessment

  1. R23-021AM RFP

Transit On-Call Overhead Door and Gate Repairs

  1. Q23-026 DS RFQ
  2. Q23-026 DS Attachment 1

On-call Services for Bus Fuel Storage Systems

  1. Q23-027 DS RFP
  2. Q23-027 DS Attachment A

DBE Program Review and Goal Determination 

  1. Q23-028 AB RFQ
    1. Addendum 01

Special Events Security

  1. R23-019KK RFP

Traffic Management System Expansion & Intersection Control Upgrades

  1. R23-010KK RFP

Colorado Springs Airport Common Use Passenger Processing System (CUPPS)

  1. R23-025MZ RFP

2050 Regional Transit Plan, Specialized Transportation Plan and ZEV Transition Plan

  1. R23-023 AB RFP
    1. Addendum 01
    2. Addendum 02

Wasteless COS

  1. R23-006CA RFP

Communication Circle Wall Replacement Project

  1. B23-T016JD IFB

Pikes Peak America's Mountain Shuttle Services

  1. R23-020NS RFP

Transit Security Services

  1. RFP R23-009 PB
    1. R23-009 Addendum 01
    2. R23-009 Addendum 02

Twin Bridges and Royer St Railroad Crossing Relocation Project

  1. B22-T141AM IFB

IT Asset Management (ITAM) Tool RFI

  1. R23-015MZ RFP

Taxiway B Rehabilitation Phase 2

  1. B23-003NS

On-Call Tree Pruning and Removal

  1. R23-004CA
    1. Addendum 01
    2. Pre-Proposal Meeting

Transit Campus Expansion (TCE) Chargers Installation

  1. R22-142 PB
    1. Exhibit 19
    2. Exhibit 20
    3. Addendum 01
    4. Addendum 02
    5. Addendum 03
    6. Addendum 04

Title VI Program Update

  1. R22-188AB RFP
  2. R22-188 AB Title VI Program Update

Fire Station #25 Remodel Design Services

  1. R22-193M RFP

Investment Management Services

  1. R22-180NS RFP

30 Foot-Class & 35 Foot Low Floor Transit Bus Purchase

CMGC Services for Fire Station #24

2C Paving Additional Vendors

  1. RFP - R22-184MZ

Antlers Park Dog Park

Structural Repairs for City Parking Garages

  1. R22-165CA RFP
    1. Addendum 01
    2. Addendum 02
    3. Addendum 03

Transit Fleet On Board Maintenance of IT Systems

  1. R22-155DS IFB

    1. Attachment A

Legacy Loop: Rock Island Trail Construction Project

  1. B22-T170AM IFB

Fleet Maintenance & Management Services

  1. R22-167MZ RFP

Janitorial Services for the Patty Jewett and Valley Hi Golf Course Clubhouses

  1. R22-145AM FRP

POC Substation Fuel Site Infrastructure Improvement

  1. R22-137KK RFP

Prospect Lake Pond Liner Repair

  1. Q22-156AM RFQ

  2. Pre-bid meeting location

Bus Wash Service Agreement RFQ

  1. Q22-148 DS

  2. Attachment - Project Pricing Table

Fisher's Canyon Fuels Mitigation

  1. RFP - R22-147CA

PPRTA Pipe Lining Projects

  1. RFP - R22-T144JD

Asset Management System

  1. R22-071 PB

  2. Addendum #1 R22-071

  3. Addendum #2 R22-071

  4. Addendum #2 schedule A R22-071

Fontanero Street & 31st Street Intersection Improvements

  1. R22T121CA RFP

City of Colorado Springs Police Department De-Escalation Virtual Reality Equipment and Training Project

  1. RFP R22-110AM

City of Colorado Springs Electronic Ticketing Project

  1. RFP R22-111AM

Circle Drive Bridges Replacement Project

  1. B22-T113AM IFB

Monument Valley Park: Duck & Shadow Lakes Project

  1. R22-100AM RFP

Shadow Lake Irrigation Project (ARPA)

  1. R22-096AM RFP

Duck Lake Irrigation Project (ARPA)

  1. R22-095AM RFP

Municipal Court Audio-Visual Upgrades

  1. R22-077CA RFP

Creative Marketing

  1. R22-053NS RFP

City-Wide Elevator Maintenance

  1. R22-049CA RFP

Bandshell Feasibility Study for Acacia Park

  1. R22-075NS RFI

Root Plate Removal

  1. R22-062CA RFP

  2. Addendum 1

  3. Addendum 2

Fire Alarm System Replacement - ARPA Funded

  1. R22-051AF RFP

Medical Plan Administration

  1. R22-040NS RFP

PikeRide Expansion Construction Project

  1. IFB B22-064AM

South Monument Valley Water Utility Design Project – ARPA Funded

  1. R22-046AM RFP

CSPD POC Generator Replacement Project

  1. R22-021AM RFP

On-Call Air Service Development Consulting

  1. R22-027CA RFP

Automatic Passenger Counter Purchase and Installation

  1. RFP R22-025DS 

  2. Price Sheet R22-025DS

  3. Addendum 01 R22-025DS

  4. Addendum 03 R22-025DS

  5. Addendum 04 R22-025DS

  6. Attachment B R22-025DS

  7. Attachment C R22-025DS

Construction Management, Materials Testing and Inspection Services for the Circle Drive Bridges Replacement Project

  1. R22-T017AM RFP

Cemetery Mowing Services – Evergreen and Fairview Cemeteries

  1. R22-034AM RFP

R22-024 PB On-call environmental services

  1. R22-024 PB RFQ

R21-084AM On-Call Irrigation Service Providers

R21-159AM Red Rock Canyon Landfill Monitoring and Maintenance Project

R21-044AM Chiller Removal and Replacement

  1. RFP R21-044AM

R21-109AM Coleman Community Park Master Plan Professional Design Services

R21-T128AM I-25 Ramps: S Nevada Ave/S Tejon St Corridor Improvements Professional Engineering and Construction Management Services Project