Spirit of the Springs Awards



Mary Ellen and Mayor Suthers holding award

Mary Ellen McNally and Mayor John Suthers. McNally was the 2017 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

As part of the Spirit Of the Springs initiative, the Mayor's Office presents a variety of awards to the outstanding individuals and organizations in Colorado Springs. Listed below are the different awards and process for nominating.


Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented once a year during the Mayor’s State of the City address each fall. The recipient is recognized for notable achievements and lifelong contributions to the City of Colorado Springs.

Celebration Award

This award celebrates the outstanding achievement of an individual in Colorado Springs. The award is presented to the recipient by the Mayor or an official designee.

Inspirational Leader Award

This award recognizes an individual whose leadership in our city inspires others to contribute in similar ways. The award is presented to the recipient by the Mayor of an official designee.

Who Qualifies?

Any citizen who lives or participates in an activity in the City of Colorado Springs or on any of the local military installations may receive a Spirit of the Springs award.  The Mayor will honor a volunteer activity or noteworthy achievement that brings great honor and pride to the City of Colorado Springs and/or has been distinguished at a state, national or international level. The Office of the Mayor makes the final determination on all Spirit of the Springs Award recipients.

How Can I Nominate Someone?

If you know of an individual who qualifies for a Spirit of the Springs Celebration or Inspirational Leader Award, you may click on the form below or email mayorsoffice@springsgov.com.

Spirit of the Springs Nomination Form


Please review the Spirit of the Springs FAQ page for any questions. If your question is not listed please send an email to mayorsoffice@springsgov.com or via our contact page.