Stormwater Software

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The City of Colorado Springs has prepared tools to aid engineers in the design of Permanent Control Measures (formerly known as Permanent BMPs).  The preliminary design workbook is intended to aid with preliminary sizing for site planning purposes. The final design workbook must be submitted with Final Drainage Reports.  The implementation schedule is listed below:

  • Requirement for new projects (first submittal) – April 1, 2020
  • Requirement for all projects (any submittal) – June 1, 2020

COS-PCM Final Design

COS-PCM Preliminary Design

Please send any comments on the spreadsheets to Erin Powers at  Unless otherwise stated, final versions will be posted online January 2, 2020.

Engineers are encouraged to check the website often for updates.  To sign up for notifications of updates to drainage criteria (including software), please send an email to StormwaterCriteria@coloradosprings.govTraining invitations for EPA SWMM and City-specific spreadsheets will also be sent to this list.

Project-specific questions related to software should be directed to the project Review Engineer.  Questions related to software that are not project-specific should be directed to