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Together COS


Together COS is a new public safety program enabling the people of Colorado Springs to help keep their community safe.

Your voluntary participation will greatly enhance law enforcement’s ability to identify and hold responsible those individuals who victimize our community. You can participate in this program in one of two ways. 

First, you can register with CSPD to inform us that you have surveillance cameras at your home. By informing us that you have cameras, it is easier for our officers to conduct follow-up investigations in a neighborhood where a crime occurred by contacting those who tell us they have cameras. An officer or detective can email everyone in the vicinity of the crime asking you to search your video for suspicious activity. If you find something related to the crime, you can upload the video directly to the link provided by the detective. 

Second, as a business, you can purchase a Fusus core that will integrate your security cameras with CSPD. If a serious crime occurs at your facility, detectives will have instant access to review the video camera recordings. They will be able to download the video to use in their investigation. During some of the most serious crimes, like an active shooter situation, the police department will be able to live stream the cameras in order to help identify and locate the suspect.

Both of these options are only available to residents and businesses located within the City of Colorado Springs. Keep reading below for more information.  

Just the Facts

Camera Registration

Ready to help out your neighbors and your community? Go here to register your cameras with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Camera registration takes less than one minute via the secure online portal. Registering your cameras DOES NOT allow the police department or anyone else access to your cameras; it simply allows the police department to know where there are cameras across our city. Click the link below to start registering your cameras on the Fusus Website.

Register Your Cameras

Camera Integration

Are you an area business and want to purchase equipment that will allow the Colorado Springs Police Department direct access to your camera feed? Go here to learn more about how you can do that. DISCLAIMER: Camera integration requires a purchase from Fusus. Additionally, integrated cameras will not be monitored by the police department and are for emergency purposes only. Click the link below to start integrating your cameras on the Fusus Website.

Integrate Your Cameras

My Account

If you have already registered or integrated your cameras with CSPD and Fusus, you can view your account, add more cameras, and more by clicking the link below. 

View Existing Accounts Here


Do you have additional questions or need assistance getting set up? Contact us at 719-444-7427.