The Chamberlain Trail is envisioned to provide a unique backcountry experience along the foothills of the City of Colorado Springs by eventually connecting Blodgett Open Space all the way to Cheyenne Mountain State Park. The 26-mile master-planned trail, identified in the 2014 Park System Master Plan, will traverse through Blodgett Open Space, Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Bear Creek Regional Park, Stratton Open Space, North Cheyenne Cañon Park and Fishers Canyon Open Space.

Currently, the 13 miles of the Chamberlain Trail are in use which includes approximately 7.5 miles of dedicated trail, three miles of shared trails, 1.5 miles on roadway and 1 mile on Urban trail.

This alignment will also advance the future development of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Trail, the 30-mile trail envisioned to circumnavigate the base of Cheyenne Mountain. This trail will replicate the historic riding trails used by Spencer Penrose and complement the Ring the Peak Trail, ultimately creating a unique “figure eight” of back country trail opportunities. 


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