Bear Creek Parcel

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The Broadmoor will trade to the City of Colorado Springs approximately 9 acres of property located along the southern boundary of Bear Creek Regional Park, adjacent to 21st Street.  What will be achieved?

  • Preserve property as public open space.  This property currently is planned for residential development, including 17 single family homes.  Acquisition of the property by the City of Colorado Springs will preserve and protect this land for public open space.

  • Expand Bear Creek Regional Park.  Acquisition of this property by the City of Colorado Springs would secure this land for public open space and recreation purposes.  El Paso County Parks will consider managing this property as an expansion of Bear Creek Regional Park.



Bear Creek FAQs

Q: Will any restrictions be placed on this land to prevent future residential or commercial use?

A: Yes, two options are being discussed: at the minimum a deed restriction to rezone the property Park (PK) with additional consideration of a conservation easement being established.

Q: How will the property be used?

A: El Paso County will consider adding the park to El Paso County Bear Creek Regional Park. The County may choose to conduct a master planA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property. process to determine the types of open space or recreational uses.

Q: Will the Broadmoor’s agreement with El Paso County Parks regarding the use of Bear Creek Regional Park for commercial equestrian use be extinguished?

A: Yes, the County will terminate the existing agreement.

Q: Will the existing abandoned house on the property be removed?

A: The future of the existing residential structure has not been determined.

Q: Will the existing driveway that provides access to the residential property to the east be retained?

A: Yes, the driveway is within an existing legal access easement though the 9 acre parcel.