2015 Budget

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Download the entire 2015 City Budget

Below are links to the sections of the 2015 Budget (Jan 1, 2015) document with a brief description of each section.

City Leadership/City Council provides the City Leadership and City Council members.

Mayor's Letter provides an overview of the budget.

Budget Highlights provides highlights of the budget.

City Organizational Chart provides an overview of the City organizational structure.

Strategic Plans provides the 2014-2018 City of Colorado Springs Strategic Plan and the 2015 City Council Strategic Plan.

Colorado Springs at a Glance, Community Profile, and GFOA Award provides fast facts about Colorado Springs, such as population, median age, and street miles, a history of the City including an overview of the economy, and the award received for the 2014 Budget document.

General Fund Summaries provides the resources and expenditures of all Funds within the City’s Budget​, including: General Fund Financial Forecast, Citizen's Overview, Expenditure Overview, Revenue Overview, and Economic Overview.

All Funds Summary provides an overview of budgets, a fund balance overview for all funds, a brief review of the City's financial and fund structure, and contains information on special revenue, internal services, and fiduciary funds; Debt Overview, which provides information on Debt; and Grants Overview.

Personnel Summary provides an overview of the distribution of employees by fund and department. It also presents changes in employees between current year and prior year.

The Department Narratives contain an All Funds Summary, Significant Financial and Staff Modifications vs. 2014, organizational chart, operating budget, personnel summary, and funding and position changes to the budget. Click on any of the following to view the narrative: