City employs Springs Rescue Mission guests through WorkCOS program, creating new pathways out of homelessness

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Lori went three years without a job. In that time, she has lived in the women’s shelter at Springs Rescue Mission and struggled with her sense of self worth. She always worked hard to provide for her family — unemployment and homelessness were never part of the plan.

But through the City of Colorado Springs‘ new WorkCOS program, she’s now working, smiling and dreaming big.

“I want to prove myself,” she said. “I like having a job again and having a paycheck again! Hopefully this will lead to something more full-time, and then maybe I can get into housing soon.”

WorkCOS is a partnership between the City of Colorado Springs and local homeless services nonprofits, including Springs Rescue Mission. The first three employees hired through WorkCOS have been guests of the Mission. Lori was one of them and says she’s “thankful for the chance to work again” — that it’s working wonders for her confidence.

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