Host A Special Event

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Colorado Springs is a city that celebrates special events.  From major conventions and international sporting events to community based festivals, parades and athletic activities, the City of Colorado Springs is proud to host hundreds of events each year.

How to Get Started

Required Documents

Documents You May Need 

By hosting a Special event, you may need to review or obtain additional permits. The Office of Special Events will help you determine which ones you need.

Event Planning Timeline

TaskTime Prior to the Event
Completed and submitted permit application, application fee and deposit

30 days prior for park

90 days prior for city-wide

Required plans for permit type (i.e. traffic control, parking/shuttle, medical, mitigation, emergency, police/security, waste management)30-90 days
Certificate of insurance (naming the City of Colorado Springs as additionally insured)30 days
Noise hardship permit30 days
Specialty permits (i.e. fireworks,/pyrotechnics, open burning, temporary LPG use, temporary membrane/tent/structure30 days
Temporary tax license30 days
Vendor listing30 days
Peddler's license30 days
Health Department inspectionTBD
park permission to serve alcohol application90 days
Special event liquor permit30 days
Revocable permit30 days
Mitigation of impact21 days
Site walk-though10 days

Additional Contact Information

    This listing is provided for event organizers that may need to directly contact outside agencies or City departments for questions or additional information regarding their special event. 

    Colorado Springs
    El Paso County
    Public Health
    Rocky Mountain
    ADA Center
    Colorado Springs
    Film Commission

    Office of Special
    Division of the Fire
    Fire - Medical
    City Sales
    Land Use
    Office of Special Events
    1401 Recreation Way
    Colorado Springs, CO 80905