City seeks community input on use of electric bikes on trails

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The City of Colorado Springs is seeking feedback from community members on the use of electric bikes (e-bikes) on its trail system. Currently, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department allows Class 1 e-bikes on all urban trails, but not on park and open space trails. Residents are encouraged to share their views on e-bike use on the city’s trail system through Friday, Nov. 20.

In addition to hosting the survey, the project webpage provides residents with information about the city’s current e-bike policy, the varying e-bike policies of other agencies that own trail property locally, and common opinions that the parks department has collected from local park and outdoor recreation stakeholders about this topic over the last year.

“As land managers for the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services department, we always strive to do what’s best for the community’s parks, trails and open spaces, while at the same time providing an excellent recreational experience,” said Scott Abbott, Colorado Springs’ regional parks, trails and open space manager. “As we look at the increasing use of e-bikes nationwide, it’s important to us to know how members of our growing community are observing, using and interacting with this rapidly-evolving and popular technology. We look forward to hearing what local trail users have to say so that we can best serve our city’s trail system and the experience of its many users citywide.”

The parks department will use public comments from this survey to evaluate its e-bike policy. The current policy may or may not be modified by the department as a result. At this time, the department is only seeking feedback about the use of e-bikes on trails.

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