Restoration of historic pavilion begins

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Have you been to Monument Valley Park lately? If so, you’ve probably noticed that work has begun on restoring the pavilion that’s located near the playground, pool and pickleball courts. Rehabilitation efforts on the nearly 100-year-old structure include repairing the roof, removing and replacing the pavilion ceiling and rotten wood fascia around the pavilion, and repainting the entire structure. Construction on the pavilion began in 1923 to “popularize the City’s most beautiful park.” In 1935, it survived a significant flash flood along Monument and Fountain Creeks that washed away bridges, structures, and, tragically, people.  Monument Valley Park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Work will also begin soon to fix and refill the adjacent pond, which was drained in 2010 and has not held water since. Both projects are funded by voter-approved 2B, which allowed the city to retain $7 million in excess 2018 TABOR revenue for park projects citywide.

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