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The City's Parks Recreation, and Cultural Services Department is starting maintenance work and trail improvements on six heavily-trafficked trail segments in Red Rock Canyon Open Space. The changes are designed to increase safety for trail users, improve their overall experience and provide protection to environmentally sensitive areas.

Improvement work will include the following.

  • re-routing damaged and unsustainable sections
  • reinforcing existing trails
  • expanding the trail system

Reclamation work will also begin near the intersection of the Red Rock Canyon Trail and Roundup Trail. These reclamation efforts will restore an existing incompatible land disturbance created prior to the open space acquisition, improve drainage and erosion issues by re-directing water run-off coming out of the canyon and improve the open space trails in the area. Parks staff will also promote a more stable and aesthetic landscape by planting native vegetation which will blend and complement the surrounding terrain.

During the project, visitors can expect to see heavy equipment operating in multiple areas of the park including on the Overlook Trail, Sand Canyon Trail, Chamberlain Trail and the Palmer Red Rock Trail, Parallel Trail, Waterfall Trail and Intemann Trials. Minimal trails closures area anticipated. Work is expected to last until September 2023. Trail users are asked to plan alternate routes using designated trails during this time.


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