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Neighborhood parks are generally one to six acres in size and are intended to be within walking distance of the neighborhood in which they serve. Amenities can include walking paths, playgrounds, picnic tables, small picnic pavilions, sod grass areas, backstops and/or dirt infields, basketball courts, tennis courts, or in-line hockey facilities.

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Featured Neighborhood Parks

Other Neighborhood Parks

Adams, 851 Boggs Pl. (Preuss Rd. & Boggs Pl.) 6.4 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/soccer fields.

Audubon, 2460 N. Circle Dr. (N. Circle Dr. & Bennett Ave.) 3.0 acres
Adjacent school facilities, soccer fields, trail/sidewalk path.

Benavidez, MSgt. Roy P., 975 Afternoon Cir. 7.1 acres
Sand volleyball, picnic shelter, playground.

Blunt, 2329 W. Vermijo Ave. (S 24th St. & W. Vermijo Ave.) 3.3 acres
Basketball court, baseball/softball field, football/soccer fields, multi-play court (half-court), playground, trail/sidewalk path.

Bonforte, 2323 N. Wahsatch Ave. (N. Wahsatch Ave. & Jackson St.) 8.0 acres
Handicap accessible, playground,  baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, two tennis courts, seasonal restrooms, trails/sidewalk path.

Bott, 815 S. 26th St. (S. 26th & Hagerman Sts.) 3.9 acres
Basketball/multi-play court, playground, picnic shelter, two tennis courts.

Boulder, 1210 E. Boulder St. (N. Hancock Ave. & E. Boulder St.) 7.2 acres
Basketball court, baseball/softball field, football/soccer fields, multi-play court, playground, seasonal restrooms, trails/sidewalk paths.

Boulder Cresent, 302 N. Cascade Ave. (N. Cascade and W. Platte Aves.) .2 acres
Historical plaque, trails/sidewalk paths.

Bricker, 4850 Dover Ln. (Dover Ln. east of Gatewood Dr.) 4.0 acres
Adjacent school facilities, soccer field, playground.

Bristol, 910 N. Walnut St. (N. Walnut St. and Mesa Rd.) 3.2 acres
Adjacent school facilities, open play area.

Broadmoor Bluffs, 5315 Farthing Dr. (Farthing Dr. & Cardiff Cir.) 4.4 acres
Playground, sledding.

Broadmoor Glen, 4035 Danceglen Dr. (Farthing Dr. and Danceglen Dr.) 4.3 acres
Handicapped accessible, baseball/softball field, playground, shuffleboard, two tennis courts.

Broadmoor Valley, 3750 Broadmoor Valley Rd. (Broadmoor Valley Rd and Laurel Oak Ct.) 11.6 acres
Handicapped access, basketball court, football/soccer fields, softball field, playground, seasonal restrooms.

Buckskin Charlie Park, 7665 Scarborough Dr. (Scarborough Dr. and Stillwell Dr.) 4.3 acres
Picnic shelter, in-line hockey/basketball court, multi-use playfields, Tball field, playground, Buckskin Charlie Memorial.

Candleflower, 7690 Contrails Dr. (Contrails Dr. & Candleflower Cir.)  5.0 acres
Handicapped access, open play area, playground, walkways.

Carver, 4242 Carefree Cir. N. (Blissfull Cir. N. and Blissfull Cir. S.) 18.4 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, basketball court, football/soccer fields, picnic (shelter), playground.

Castello, Frank, 7640 Potomac Dr. 6.6 acres
Baseball/softball field, soccer/football field, multi-use court, playground.

Centennial, 3480 El Morro Rd. (El Morro Rd. and Flintwood Dr.) 3.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities, passive park use.

Cheyenne Meadows, 3868 Glen Meadow Dr. (at Oak Creek Dr. W.) 20.5 acres
Baseball/softball field, basketball/multi-use court, soccer/football fields, horseshoes, picnic shelter, playground, trails/sidewalk paths. Fenced dog park available at Charmwood Road and Canoe Creek Drive.

Cucharras, 1121 W. Cucharras St. (S. 12th and Cucharras Sts.) .7 acres
Basketball, multi-play court, playground.

Danville, 1147 Mountview Ln. (Mountview Ln. and N. Hancock Ave.) 5.3 acres
Basketball, baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer field, picnic shelter, playground.

Deerfield Hills, 4290 Deerfield Hills Rd. 12.7 acres
Handicap accessible, Deerfield Community Center, community garden, multi-play court, playground, Spray Ground (June-mid August), trails/sidewalk path.

Discovery, 155 Buckeye Dr. (Buckeye Dr. east of Pebble Way) 11.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, playground.

Dorchester, 1130 S. Nevada Ave. (S. Nevada Ave. south of Las Vegas St.) 7.4 acres
Picnic shelter, playground.

Dublin, 2450 Roundtop Dr. (Roundtop Dr & Tuckerman Ln.)  15.1 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball field, basketball court, football/soccer field, volleyball court, picnic shelter, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Erindale, 1705 Twin Oaks Dr. (east of Lemonwood Dr.) 6.6 acres
Multi-play court, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Explorer, 4260 Bardot Dr. (east of Explorer Elementary School) 7.3 acres
In-line hockey court, picnic shelter, playground, walking paths.

Fairfax, 8175 Chancellor Dr. (Chancellor & Telegraph Drs.) 5.1 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court, soccer fields, handicapped access, picnic shelter) playground.

Fellows, George, 5711 Tuckerman Dr. (south of Vickers Dr.) 10.3 acres
Handicap accessible, children's garden,  picnic shelter, playground.

Flanagan, 3132 N. Prospect St. (Prospect & Fourth Strs.) 4.7 acres
Basketball, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, multi-play court, picnic shelter, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Foothills, 853 Allegheny Dr. (Allegheny Dr. at Dark Horse Dr.) 7.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities, handicap accessible, baseball field, basketball court, volleyball court, football/soccer field, multi-play court, picnic shelter, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Fountain, 901 E. Fountain Blvd. (Fountain Blvd. and Institute St.) 10.7 acres
Handicap accessible, Hillside Community Center, Bike Park baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, multi-play court, community garden, picnic shelter, playground. 

Franklin, 2951 E. Dale St. (Dale and Tiajuana Strs.) 2.6 acres
Volleyball court, football/soccer field.

Fremont, 5080 El Camino Dr. (southwest of Sonata Dr.)  6.8 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer fields, playground.

Frontier, 3725 Meadow Ridge Dr. (east of Moundsview Dr.) 5.3 acres
Baseball/softball field, basketball court, football/soccer field, playground, picnic shelter, trails/sidewalk path.

Garden Ranch, 2220 Montebello Dr. W. (Montebello Dr. W. and Saddle Dr.) 8.6 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball field, volleyball court, basketball court, fitness trail, football/soccer field, picnic shelter), playground, seasonal restrooms.

Giberson, 2890 Ferber Dr. (Wylie Ln. east of Jet Wing Dr.) 7.4 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, picnic shelter.

Gilpin, Laura, 7415 Kettle Drum St.  23.1 acres
Inline skate court, basketball,  soccer field, shade structure, playground, walking paths.

Glen Oaks, 5445 Broadmoor Bluffs Drive.  4.8 acres

Gold Camp, 1536 Gold Spike Terr. (south off Lower Gold Camp Rd.) 5.0 acres
Baseball, basketball, playground, skateboard area, .25 mile sidewalk loop.

Golden Hills, 6155 Delmonico Dr. (Delmonico Dr. south of Mesedge Dr.) 5.0 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball, basketball court, picnic shelter, playground, seasonal restrooms, trails/sidewalk path.

Grant, 2821 Shadowglen Dr. (Shadowglen and Dusk Drs.) 12.1 acres
Adjacent school facilities, baseball/softball field, basketball, multi-play court, football/soccer fields, playground.

Happy Hollow, 218 Milton Dr. (Whittier Dr. west of Milton Dr.) .5 acres

Heathercrest, 1975 Heathercrest Dr. (Heathercrest Dr. north of Palmer Park Blvd.) 8.5 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball, basketball,  picnic shelter, sand volleyball, trails/sidewalk path.

Henry, 1404 Lehmberg Blvd. (south of Palmer Park Blvd.) 7.9 acres
Adjacent school facilities, multi-purpose field, basketball, playground.

High Meadows, 4216 Ashby Field Dr.  4.9 acres
Inline skate court, basketball, picnicking, playground.

Homestead, 5300 block of Carefree Cir. S. (east of Escapardo Way on north side of Carefree Cir. S.) 5.2 acres
Basketball, playground, trails/sidewalk.

Honeybear, 226 Longfellow Dr. (Longfellow Dr. at Keats Pl.)  .5 acres
volleyball court

Houck, Dr. Frank, 2002 Collegiate Dr.  7.6 acres
Playground, climbing rock, .2 mi sidewalk loop.

Ivywild, Dorchester St. & W. Navajo St. Brookside neighborhood.  1.5 acres

Jackson, 1111 Holland Park Blvd. (Holland Park Blvd. and Forest Hill Rd.) 9.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field, playground, football/softball field.

Jefferson, 2580 Lelaray St. (Lelaray St. and Northview Dr.) 4.2 acres
Adjacent school facilities, football/soccer field, playground

Jenkins, 1019 Skyway Blvd. S. (Skyway Blvd. S. and Jupiter Dr.) 2.6 acres

Jensen, Jared, 6724 Windom Peak Blvd. 3.5 acres
Skateboard area, inline skate court, basketball, picnic shelter, playground, .3 mi sidewalk loop.

Jordan, Ken, 5914 High Noon Ave.  3.3 acres
 Baseball field, basketball court, climbing structure, horseshoe pits, picnic shelter, playground, .25 mi sidewalk loop.

Keller, 4950 Meadowland Blvd. (Meadowland Blvd. and Montebello Dr. W.) 17.6 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball fields, football/soccer fields, playground.

Keystone, 6050 Sapporo Dr. (south of school site) 5.2 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, playground.  

Krouse, Betty 2415 E. Cache La Poudre St. (east of Alexander Rd.) 2.4 acres
Baseball/basketball, soccer field, picnic shelter, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Kyer, Mary 1102 Middle Creek Pkwy. 11.0 acres
In-line hockey/basketball court, single tennis court, multi-use playfields, seasonal port-a-let, playground, picnic shelter, pond with recycling stream, 0.6-mile walking/jogging loop with trailhead.

Little Britches Playground, 4105 Channing Pl. (Murray Blvd. and Dryden Dr.) 1.0 acre
Multi-play court, playground.

Lunar, 2112 E. Uintah St. (E. Uintah St. and Iowa Ave.) 2.9 acres
Multi-play court, playground.

Lunt, Judge, 4870 Seton Pl. (Austin Bluffs Pkwy. and Rangewood Dr.)  3.3 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball, basketball court, small soccer field, in-line hockey court, playground, trails/sidewalk path.

Madison, 2112 N. Murray Blvd. (north of Constitution Ave.) 4.0 acres
Football/soccer field, sledding.

Marriage, Kathleen, 2320 Amberwood Ln. (Creekside Estates) 3.0 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court, multi-use field, in-line hockey court, playground.

McCleary, Eugene, 5214 Pioneer Mesa Dr.  5.1 acres
Backstop, basketball/in-line hockey court, soccer field, playground.

McKown, Fred, 5035 Balsam St. 9.4 acres
Backstop, basketball court, multi-purpose field, playground.

Meadowlark, 2709 Dickens Dr.  6.7 acres
Handicap accessible, volleyball, multi-use court, soccer field, playground, trails/sidewalk paths.

Meadowridge, 8320 Boxelder Dr. (Rangewood Dr. and Contrails Dr.) 7.0 acres
Handicap accessible, playground, trails/sidewalk paths.

Meadows, 1990 S. El Paso Ave.  6.1 acres
Adjacent to Meadows Park Community Center. Baseball, basketball/softball field, football/soccer field, multi-play court,  playground.

Monterey, 2225 Monterey Rd. (Monterey Rd. and Ventura Dr.) 4.5 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Handicap accessible, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, playground.

Mountain View, 206 Longfellow Dr. (south of Whittier Dr.)  .5 acres

Munchkin Playground, 4319 Vehr Dr. (Vehr and Frost Drs.),  .6 acres

Oak Meadow, 4960 Farthing Dr. 3.7 acres
Adjacent to Fire Station No. 16. Handicap accessible, basketball, playground,  multi-use field, picnic shelter, trails/sidewalk paths.

Oak Valley Ranch, 2325 Silent Rain Drive. 4.7 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court, t-ball field, soccer field, playground, picnic shelter, trails/walkways.

O’Byrne, John “Prairie Dog”, (Renamed in 2009, formerly High Street Park) 505 E. Bijou St.  1.7 acres
Climbing structure.

Old Farm, 4585 Old Farm Circle W. (east of Windgate Ct.) 27.5 acres
Basketball court, volleyball court, playground.

Otero, 4630 Iron Horse Trl. (Iron Horse Trl. at Mayweed Ct.) 6.1 acres
Scenic overlook, playground, trails/sidewalk paths.

Otis, 731 N. Iowa Ave. 2.9 acres.
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball field, multi-play court, running track, two outdoor shuffleboard courts, picnic shelter, tetherball poles, volleyball court.

Panorama, 4540 Fenton Rd. (east of Harley Ln.)
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field, football/soccer field,  picnic shelter.

Penrose, 4295 Nonchalant Cir. S. (Nonchalant Cir. S. at Dream Ln.) 16.2 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Basketball, baseball/softball field, football/soccer field.

Penstemon, 1375 Jet Wing Cir. (Jet Wing Cir. at Dewar Dr.) 3.2 acres
Basketball court, multi-use field, playground.

Pike, 2610 N. Chestnut St. (N. Chestnut St. and Melany Ln.) 4.3 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field.

Pinecliff, 855 Popes Valley Dr. (Popes Valley Dr. and Haverhill Pl.) 2.7 acres
Baseball field, soccer field, basketball, playground, trails/sidewalk paths.

Piñon Valley, 5585 Mule Deer Dr. 5.7 acres
Basketball/Volleyball, multi-use field, picnic shelter, playground, seasonal drinking fountain and restroom.

Pioneer, 1101 Cenotaph Cir.  8.9 acres
Baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, playground, Pioneers Memorial.

Pollard, Lulu, 2550 Dynamic Dr.  3.3 acres
Handicap accessible, soccer field, playground, picnic shelter, trails, sidewalk paths.

Portal, 3535 N. Hancock Ave. (N Hancock Ave. and Manchester St. northeast of Templeton Gap floodway) 10.6 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer field, playground, outdoor swimming pool (Operated by YMCA), four tennis courts, trails, sidewalk path.

Prairie Grass, 710 Chapman Dr.  5.1 acres
Basketball, skateboard area, playground, climbing rock, .15 mi sidewalk loop.

Pring Ranch Park, 5264 Prairie Grass Ln. (Tutt Blvd. and Bridlespur Ave.) 4.2 acres
In-line hockey/basketball court, multi-use playfields, tee ball field, playground, picnic shelter, link to the trail system.

Remington, 2750 Pony Tracks Dr. (just east of Peterson Rd.) 4.7 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court, soccer field, playground, trail/sidewalk paths.

Roosevelt, 219 Byron Dr. (west of Murray Blvd.) 5.3 acres
Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, picnic shelter, playground.

Roswell, 515 Polk St. 3.5 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court, softball field, picnic shelter, playground.

Rudy, 5360 Cracker Barrel Cir. (Inspiration Dr. at Rawhide Ln.) 16.1 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field, football/soccer field, scenic overlook.

Sagebrush, 651 Crestline Dr.  4.7 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court,  playground, soccer field, trails/sidewalk paths.

Sandstone, 4650 Pring Ranch Rd. 11.6 acres
Baseball field, basketball court, volleyball court, playground, multi-use field, seasonal restrooms, two tennis courts, trails/sidewalk paths.

Shelby, Horace, 6442 Summit Peak Dr. 4.7 acres
In-line/multi-play court, playground, picnic shelter.

Skyway, South of North Star Dr. and Milky Way Dr.  6.0 acres
Undeveloped neighborhood park north of Skyway Elementary School.

Smith, James H., 2205 Spring Blossom Dr. 3.7 acres
Playground, climbing structures, playfield, .2 mi sidewalk loop.

Snowy River, 6152 Snowy River Dr. 5.2 acres
In-line hockey/basketball court, multi-use field, playground.

Soaring Eagles, 3196 Spotted Tail Dr.  4.0 acres
In-line hockey/multi-play court, backstop,  playground.

South Shooks Run, 734 S. Corona St./402 E. Fountain Blvd., (see also Mid Shooks Run Park) 12.3 acres
Shooks Run Creek, two playgrounds, Shooks Run Trail.

Southeast YMCA (Sierra Park), 2150 Jet Wing Dr. (northeast of Sierra High School) 5.0 acres

Sprague, Marshall, 3492 W. Woodmen Rd. (Blodgett and Richfield Drs.) 3.0 acres
Handicap accessible, playground, multi-use field.

Springs Ranch Park, 2990 Pony Tracks Dr. (just west of Peterson Rd.) 4.1 acres
In-line hockey/basketball court, multi-use playfields, tee ball field, playground, picnic shelter, seasonal port-a-let.

Stetson, 4870 Jedediah Smith Rd. (north of Stetson Elementary) 6.9 acres
In-line skate/basketball court, skateboard park area, playground, soccer field, baseball field, sidewalk loop (from the parking area on the east side, around the baseball field and back to parking area) .5 miles total.

Stone, John L. 4017 Family Pl. (west of Briargate YMCA) 6.7 acres
Handicap accessible, basketball court,  skateboard park, soccer field, playground.

Templeton, Jack 5347 Rose Ridge Ln. (south off Stetson Hills Blvd.)  3.5 acres
Basketball/in-line hockey court, multi-purpose field, playground.

Tomah, 5285 Tomah Dr. (west of Tomah Cir.) 3.3 acres
A backstop for informal baseball/softball, playground.

Trues Mill, 305 Longfellow Dr. (Robbins Mill Pl. at Hunts Mill Terr.) 1.5 acre

Twain, 3320 E. San Miguel St. (San Miguel St. at Querida Dr.) 4.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field,  football/soccer field, playground.

Vermijo, 2601 W. Vermijo Ave. (S. 26th St. and W. Vermijo Ave.) 4.6 acres
Baseball field, basketball court, playground, seasonal restrooms, trails/sidewalk paths.

Villa Loma, 5055 Escapardo Way (between Inspiration Dr. and Oro Blanco Dr.) 8.4 acres
Playground, trails/sidewalk paths.

Wagner, 3637 E. Bijou St. (E. Pikes Peak Ave. and Stanford St.) 6.9 acres
Baseball/softball field, multi-play court, football/soccer field, playground.

Wasson, 1910 N. Circle Dr. (N. Circle Dr. and Constitution Ave.) 12.7 acres
Adjacent school facilities. Baseball/softball field, two multi-play courts, football/soccer field, playground, seasonal restrooms.

Waters, Frank 501 E. Platte Ave. (E. Platte Ave. and Corona St.) .9 acres

Wedgewood, 2830 Parliament Dr. (London Fog and Parliament Drs.) 4.3 acres
Handicap accessible, softball field, multi-use field, playground, trail.

West Middle School Backyard, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (behind West Middle School) 4.2 acres
Exercise course, football/soccer fields, volleyball, tennis court, picnic shelter, playground, running track.

Westmoor, 3315 Water St. (Chambers Dr. and Westmoor Pl.) 6.6 acres
Baseball/softball field, basketball court, playground, tennis courts, seasonal restrooms.

Wickes, South of Wickes Dr. and Moorfield Ave.; west of Trailblazer Elementary off Centennial Blvd. 5.2 acres
Gravel walking path with benches

Wildflower, 980 Nolte Dr. West.  21.9 acres
Baseball field, soccer field, basketball/in-line skate court, picnic shelter, playground.

Wilson, 4501 Palmer Park Blvd., (Moffat Cir. and Fetterman Dr.) 6.0 acres
Adjacent school facilities, football/soccer field.

Woodland Hills, 3617 Woodland Hills Dr. (Woodland Hills Dr. at Marshwood Ct.) 3.5 acres
Baseball/softball field, multi-use fields, playground.

Woodmen Valley, 2525 W. Woodmen Rd. (east of Woodmen-Roberts Elementary School) 5.9 acres
Handicap accessible, baseball field, basketball court,  multi-use fields, playground, two lighted tennis courts.

Woodstone, 1315 Carlson Dr. 11.3 acres
Basketball court, t-ball field, multi-use fields, playground, shade structure, walkways.

Total Developed Neighborhood Parks: 135.   Total Neighborhood Park Acres: 903.9