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PlanCOS, the City’s 2019 comprehensive plan update, lays out a vision of a city that attracts and retains residents of all generations with an innovative, diverse economy and well-connected neighborhoods that provide viable housing opportunities for all. Much progress has taken place since the plan was adopted by City Council in January 2019. 

The first annual report for PlanCOS highlights key projects which support our vision, evaluates objectives, reports progress on key indicators and on city initiatives, and looks forward to next year. This 2019 report was highlighted in Planning Commission and City Council presentations in the late Spring of 2020.

A good problem is having to choose from the many successes to highlight in this report, and much has occurred beyond these pages. Organized around six vision themes, it reflects the primary focuses articulated through citizen, public official, and administrative staff engagement—Vibrant Neighborhoods, Unique Places, Thriving Economy, Strong Connections, Renowned Culture, and Majestic Landscapes.

The plan identifies key indicators and strategies for achieving key priorities which support the vision themes. Additionally, six key projects and implementation strategies are identified—all of which have seen movement in 2019. To see all of PlanCOS and to learn more about how we measure and report on our Keystone Indicators, we invite you to visit our website at:

This Comprehensive Plan serves as a foundation that guides how our city will develop over the next 20 years. Several initiatives are already underway to carry out the vision to create a city that matches our scenery.

  • RetoolCOS provides the technical tools to carry out the vision of PlanCOS by revising and updating the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance, Chapter 7 of City Code
  • HomeCOS, Housing Our Future, sets a plan forward to address our affordable and attainable housing issues in our community.
  • ConnectCOS, will update our City’s transportation plan to create a more mobile community

Although 2020 is off to a uniquely challenging start, however the long term future remains bright for Colorado Springs. Downtown will continue to thrive and new residential units will be added. The Southeast will see reinvestment and redevelopment, and residents will soon be able to play in a completely renovated Panorama Park. The north side of Colorado Springs will also continue to develop with thoughtful residential development, entertainment land uses, and employment centers.  There's a lot to look forward to still, and we can't wait to report back.